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Aug 19, 2008 12:47 PM

Manhattan Restaurant Suggestions- Meat Packing District Best Bet?

I will be traveling to New York October 2nd and would love a few suggestions for restaurants for both lunch and dinner. We will be staying in the fashion district on 7th Ave. Although we don't mind exploring anywhere in Manhattan for a great meal.

Of course we have been told by numerous people to try Carnegie's deli for lunch. I also was told about Pastis, BLT, Spice Market for Asian, Park Avenue “Summer”, Aquavit…

These have just been recommendations. Would love to get some feedback. Will be there for 4 nights and 5 days.


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  1. Aquavit is a favorite of mine - both the more casual cafe, for Scandinavian food (think herring, Swedish meatballs, etc.) and the much more upscale dining room. I would go to Balthazar rather than Pastis - I think the food is just that much better, for a marginal increase in price. I've not tried the other places, though I imagine Park Avenue will be offering "Autumn" in October. I don't have much experience in the Meat Packing district as I tend to avoid that area. I'd certainly recommend trying out Ssam for lunch or dinner one day, and we recently had a great lunch at The Spotted Pig. Pearl Oyster Bar is another favorite of mine. You might want to try Katz's instead of the Carnegie Deli. If you have more ideas about cuisine, and price ranges, I'm sure we can come up with more options. New York is pretty easy to traverse, either by taxi or subway, so it's great that you are willing to travel.

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        Well, I will confess, I've only been to Katz's, so maybe I shouldn't be making that suggestion. But, based on what I've read on the board over the years, posters generally seem to prefer Katz's.

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          Just got back from New York and we opted for Katz's over Carnegie on this trip.
          It was great. Not sure which I like more, but Katz's was a lot of fun and the food was amazing!
          Thanks for the tip.

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        There will be 5 of us (all women) traveling for my mom's birthday. My mom, her two sisters and her two daughters. I guess I say that to because... our taste's and price ranges vary-- so I guess a fare guess would be mid-range (under $30 for entrees-- or is that mid range in NY?).

        But, I can say we all love food..

        For French, I will look into Balthazar. I have read that now a few times in different posts on the site that is chosen over Pastis. Would you recommend Balthazar for a birthday dinner or more of a choice for an 'everyday' place.


      3. Vento Trattoria, 675 Hudson St.
        STK - 26 Little W 12th Street
        Paradou - French-26 Little W 12th Street
        One lIttle West 12 - 1 Little W 12th St
        Highline - Thai- 835 Washington St

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          no offense but aside from paradou which is merely 'meh,' the others listed here are horrible places just seeking to part you with your money as fast as possible.

          meatpacking doesnt have great restaurants. best of the bunch is scarpetta. i like barbuto further down on washington, followed by drinks at hudson bar but if yr gonna be here in october, their garage doors wont be open. try the chicken...its surprisingly excellent.

          1. re: sam1

            We don't have to focus on the meat packaging district. It seems to have lots of coverage, so I thought it was the place to head these days. We are really more interested in good food, than an "area".

        2. Saw your post about not being limited to the Meat Packing District - if you can, I'd suggest that you remove that from your title - you'll probably get some more varied responses that way. I'll post some other ideas later tonight or tomorrow for you.

          1. alexa,
            what anout jean georges for lunch? they have a great lunch special (2 plates for $28), though for saturday youll have to settle for the Nougatine room (3 courses for $24).
            Also, Perry St is a great deal for brunch (2 plates+desert $24)
            Balthazaar is nice, you can find better food elsewhere but its a fin place to go for brunch or dinner.
            What about trying a nice Greek restaurant for dinner? Ammos, Kellaris Parea, or Barbounia ?

            1. Avoid Carnegie, it is a total tourist destination. If you don't want to trek to Katz's go to Sarge's

              Definitely second Scarpetta as a great item in th eMeatpacking district (and the tables up front are unreserved and if you go early you can get there)