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Aug 19, 2008 12:29 PM

Dinner Party - Fairfax

I am hosting a dinner event in Fairfax for family and am seeking suggestions for a place from which to order food to pick up and serve at home. It will only be about 13-15 people, so I'm not looking for catering services. I was planning to order from somewhere like Maggiano's but wanted to do something more original like Peruvian chickens or kabobs.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant for food to serve at a family event? I would rather not do Asian food (we are Asian and trying to get our families to branch out).


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  1. How about contacting Amphora Diner-the Amphora Group has the diner, bakery and catering. I bet they could fill your good Greek food!

    1. Give Shamshirry or Rose Cafe (both in the Tyson's area) a call for some very nice Persian food. I'm sure one or the other of them will be able to fill your needs.

      1. Paya Thai (near Tysons) has great carryout.

        Though my first choice would be Pollo Inka in Herndon. My brother and sister in law do carry out from here all the time, so I know it's worth the drive. I've never had a fresher or more interesting combination of flavors between their side dishes, dipping sauces for the chicken, and salads.

        1. You might want to check with Layalina or Lebanese Taverna.

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            If you get food from Lebanese Taverna -- the take-out market on Lee Hwy or any of the restaurants -- please include "Camel Wings" among your choices. They are truly addictive. Chicken wings are first marinated in a lemony-garlicy and, then, roasted. This Middle Eastern dish is a cousin to Peruvian chicken.

          2. I know someone that has used this place many times for family functions in her home.