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Aug 19, 2008 12:06 PM

Coming to Chicago from Philly

We will be Chicago for three days, we will be staying at the Hilton on East Monroe St., and need lots of recs. We are looking for everything from fine dining to the best Chicago hot dog and pizza. We would also need a few place to hang out at night and meet the locals. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Hilton on Monroe is generally referred to as the Palmer House. Search the Board under that name and you will find multiple threads. Here is one; OP was looking for a restaurant for a large group, but these restaurants are all near the PH and worth eating in:

    1. To meet some locals, grab a drink at the bar at Miller's Pub, which is one block from the Palmer House on Wabash. Miller's serves solid, if old fashioned, American and German fare and is open late.

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        i've been hearing great things about that place, im looking forward to checking it out. thank you!!

      2. For casual fine dining I very much like:

        Aigre doux -- med influenced new american
        Naha -- it's just great! california mediteranean
        One sixty blue

        All of these are short cab rides from the hilton. There's not much that's really good right around your hotel. The loop is full of business lunch places that serve overpriced unimaginative food.

        For non thin-crust pizza I suggest Giordano's for the stuffed pizza and Lou Malnati's for the deep dish.

        Chicago is home to wonderful gourmet mexican. Try Frontera Grill--you can get a same day reso if you're lucky in the morning. It's sister restaurant (same door) is Topolobambo--white table cloth fine dining mexican. This is NOT like anything you've likely eaten before. Try the ceviche trio, yummm.