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Aug 19, 2008 11:39 AM

Very Nice/Fancy Lunch in Berks for this Friday

Am heading to the Berkshires on Friday with my 70-something mother for a special lunch. Is there anywhere with a really nice/fancy lunch in the Great Barrington/Lee/Lenox area someone can recommend? Somewhere like the Red Lion or the Cranwell with good food, and preferably with an outdoor terrace or patio. I've seen the Church Street Cafe recommended elsewhere on this board and that may be my default, but I wanted something a little fancier for my Mom if I could find it. Thanks for any/all suggestions.

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  1. Blantyre in Lenox is very expensive but may hit just the right notes for you and your mother.

    1. you can also try Wheatleigh in lenox - expensive as well.

      1. Blantyre and Wheatleigh both aspire to and fill the same niche. Both are impressive architecturally,both are located on expansively beautiful estates and both have kitchens beyond reproach. You will most definitely have a feeling that you've "arrived" when approaching either of these edifices.

        The difference is that at Wheatleigh, IMO. there's a most definite air of "you're so lucky to be here" versus Blantyre's zero attitude of "we're so glad you've come", So if you love your mother, be a good son or daughter, yes I know :-) , and head straight to Blantyre, you will not regret it!


        BTW, and if I must, here's links for both.

        16 Blantyre Rd, Lenox, MA

        11 Hawthorne Road, Lenox, MA

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          I agree TOTALLY about is a special treat for me, and, it is worth every dollar. We went for my birthday in July and had a superlative experience. The whole staff is terrific, and, they know how to walk the razor's edge between professional and friendly which is REALLY a feat for being part of a relais and chateau team. I would be happy to take MY Mother there ANY time. (Actually, I am happy to go there any time).