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Aug 19, 2008 11:34 AM

Cuban coffee joints in Orlando?

Lookin for a place post airport for cuban coffee and pastries. The more authentic the better, also... Is there a Cuban "area" in Orlando?

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  1. The best spot I know of is Ya Ya's right off of 436 south of 50. I believe the street it is on is called Hewett Dr. They have great pastries and cafe lattes. Plus cakes and sandwiches too.

    1. Second Ya Ya's!

      Ya Ya's Spanish Bakery & Deli
      632 Hewett Dr
      Orlando, FL 32807
      (407) 275-7555‎

      1. Sounds very promising! Does anyone know of any other options?

        1. I get my coffee from Kana in downtown. Best cuban coffee in town gets brewed in ma place!

          Kana Cuban Coffee Roasters
          62 W Illiana St, Orlando, FL

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            Is Kana a coffee shop where you can sit down and have a cup or is it a buy-the-bag retail store?

          2. not a coffee joint specifically, but rincon cuban cafeteria on forsyth, just past university blvd., is my favorite place for cuban food. i love their cuban coffee, and especially, their breakfast sandwiches: amanacer cubano!!

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            1. re: britterbeezer

              I've been meaning to try this place for a while. SJ gave it a good review a while back.

              1. re: glowworm

                hey glowworm, my name is Troy lee and I have seen you around on the message boards looking for good Cuban coffee. I used to own Roho Cuban Coffee in downtown Orlando and I now roast for Kaña Cuban Coffee. I know you were one of our customers and I have a pound or two of free coffee for you whenever you would like to stop by our roastery. We are at 62 w illiana street suite c. It is 1 block south of Orange Ave and Michigan intersection. Here is the link to google map

                Looking forward to meeting you.

                1. re: Troy Lee

                  Cool and thanks! I will come by--I saw the web page for your place but I wasn't sure if it was a "walk up to the door" retail kind of place or not.