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Jul 13, 2003 12:30 AM

Bottled Water Delivery in Los Angeles

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Who is the best provider for this in town? The 5 gallon jugs. All I can find right now is Sparkletts and Arrowhead. Any opinions? I'm leaning towards Sparkletts because I used to use them in College and they were pretty good.

Is there any difference in price/taste? I have a water dispenser that I got for free from my aunt, so I don't need to rent.

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  1. t
    torta basilica

    We get Sparkletts & it's just fine - lucky you - we have to rent a dispenser.

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    1. re: torta basilica

      FWIW, Arrowhead is owned by Coca Cola.

      1. re: mc michael

        And another FWIW, Sparkletts is French-owned. If that matters to anyone...

        1. re: Joe B.

          Nestle Waters' Perrier Group owns Arrowhead, Calistoga and several other domestic and imported brands.

          Sparkletts' is owned by Groupe Danone in France, which also owns (among many other companies), Evian. Wonder where Dannon yoghurt got its name?

          For more on bottled water, try here:


        2. re: mc michael

          are you sure? I thought it was owned by nestle

            1. re: pam

              Guess Coke sold it to Nestle.

              1. re: pam

                Arrowhead website sez owned by Nestle....

              2. re: mc michael

                My bottle of Arrowhead says they are a division of Great Spring Waters of America, Inc.

            2. I prefer Sparkletts, especially like their distilled water. Very clean and "wet" tasting if that makes sense. Years ago Arrowhead was better, but honestly their product now tastes like filtered tap water to me.

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                1. re: Filmfreaketta

                  You gotta read the Arrowhead label carefully. The "mountain spring" water is still carted down from a mountain spring, and it is all we drink at home. They have some other "drinking" water that does not come from the mountain spring, and it is easy to confuse it.

                  1. re: Chino Wayne

                    I agree..since ive moved here from Atlanta..ive found the bottle watered here nasty..Arrowhead tastes like tap water..Sparkletts is better...i miss Crystal Mountain...

                2. re: Ernie

                  FWIW, there's a PhD who writes a column in the Beachwood Voice about water. After reviewing various waters and their standards, filtration, etc., he recommends Rocky Mountain Water.

                  1. re: Ernie

                    I like Arrowhead, which is not tap water. According to Sparkletts' website, they have artesian, spring and "purified." Purified is filtered tap water.

                  2. h
                    Hershey Bomar

                    I don't like Spakletts or Arrowhead. What about Yosemite?

                    1. t
                      torta basilica

                      Does Fiji Water have a Water Delivery Program?! Now, that would be awesome! How cool would it be to have one of those gorgeously
                      painted Fiji Water trucks pull up to your house every week & out pops a hunky bare-chested guy in a sulu (pareo in Fijian) to deliver
                      this pure, delicious stuff? Think I'll call their marketing dept. in Aspen with my fantasy idea... Anyone else interested?

                      OMG - just checked their website - they do deliver - now I just have to figure out how to pay for it.

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                      1. re: torta basilica

                        I think they considered the scenario you suggested, but Lloyds of London refused to provide them paternity suit insurance. (And is it me, or does anybody else think that George Brazil plumbing is just a front for a Latin lover gigolo service?)

                      2. I love bottled water discussions bc they're pure fantasy.
                        Penn and Teller on their show "Bullshit" proved that no one can tell tap water from some spring fed stuff under an Antartic Glacier.

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                        1. re: Bob Barnett

                          Penn & Teller are probably right about the taste of bottled water, but the effect of the ingredients of LA tapwater on your body could be hazardous to your health whereas you might fare better with the bottle.

                          1. re: mc michael

                            You're more likely to get sick from any water you swim in,than from a large municipal water source.

                            1. re: Bob Barnett

                              Wasn't it W.C. Fields who advised, "Don't drink water. Fish piss in it."

                              1. re: mc michael

                                I don't believe he said "piss". As I recall he said not to drink it as fish "fornicate", (more accurately he used the shorter more graphic word for it) in the water. ;-D

                              2. re: Bob Barnett

                                just because it's a large municipal water source doesn't mean it's safe. LA water has perchlorates in it from all the jet fuel JPL and other military sites have dumped over the years. Perchlorates are known to cause fetal defects and the only way to get rid of them is through the reverse osmosis process. so we buy our water from the filtration system outside our Vons. it's way cheaper than having it delivered, they filter it 5 different ways, and it tastes good.

                                1. re: foodfan

                                  While it is true that some monitoring wells near the aerospace contamination sites have tested positive for percholate to the best of my knowledge I don't think that the Water Agency has seen any proof of contamination of either the Alluvial Aquifer, or the deeper underlying Saugus formation, which provide about 54% of our water here in LA.

                                  Of course we also get about 46% of our water from the State Water Project which brings it down from places like the Owens Valley, and which is not subject to percholate contamination.

                                  You also might want to consider some fairly recent testing that was done on water dispensers found outside of grocery stores, and which showed quite a bit of bacterial contamination in a fairly high number of them due to the fact that there were no standards for cleaning these systems or their filters or membranes, nor any regular maintenance for the purpose of cleaning them.

                                  1. re: WLA

                                    You can check out this article on the perchlorate problem in Southern California:


                                    I know people can get hysterical about this stuff, but since I'm thinking of getting pregnant soon, what the EPA says about perchlorates matters to me.

                                    I also know there are problems with the dispensers at grocery stores, but the one I go to bears a sticker telling me it's been cleaned within the last week. I guess at some point you have to throw up your hands and hope you're doing enough.


                                    1. re: foodfan

                                      What part of LA are you in? Do you know if the source of your tap water is a local community well? I think that the California State Water Agency generally does a very good job of testing for all these types of contaminates. Of course you are smart to be extra cautious during pregnancy, especially the early part. Best of luck with the getting pregnant and the follow on phase that only lasts the rest of your life. (g)