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Aug 19, 2008 11:04 AM

Dress Code ??? - Cochon & jacquimo's

Per everyone's suggestion I have planned a dinner at both places and was just wondering about the dress code. Thanks for any input. Suggestions for dishes are also very welcomed.


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  1. Cochon is a relatively nice place, though hardly a fine dining atmosphere. Long pants for men, just generally casual nice.

    Jack's place is altogether different. I'm not entirely sure that you wouldn't get a discount if you went nekkid. Might be worth a try. But, if you choose clothes, anything that you are comfortable in will work. During the Summer, I highly reccomend something that will keep you cool, as it's crowded and hot in there, even late at night.

    1. No dress code. Anything you are comfortable in is fine.

      1. Excellent choice going to Cochon. It's a meat lovers place, it's nice but not fancy by any means. Dress comfortable to eat plenty. And be sure to try the oysters on the app menu.

        Jaques-Imo's....I hope you have a good time. The last couple times I went it wasn't worth the calories...I tried fish each time..maybe that was my mistake...go for the fried chicken, maybe the carpetbagger....anything but what I ordered. LOL And dress cool, it's HOT in there. I'd go to Martinique or Dick and Jenny's a heartbeat.

        1. You're kidding! We went to Stella yesterday which I consider the best of high end restaurants and there were people in shorts! At J-I you'll find Jack walking around in Jams and I'm not sure that Cochon would turn anyone away. The lack of dress codes in white table cloth restaurants I find deplorable.