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Aug 19, 2008 10:51 AM

Trying to remember the location of a chinese place

So a few years ago I went with a group of friends and then later my family to a Chinese place somewhere between 34th Street and 14th on the East Side. It was on a corner...SE I think and the entrance was on the avenue. It was a casual sit-down place and I remember it being pretty good. Anyone know what place I'm talking about and whether it still exists? I'm ready to go wandering around half of Manhattan to find it.

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  1. Hmm - that is rather vague! Could it have been Tang Tang? I'm not sure if that location is still open. Always loved their cold sesame noodles, and there is one on the UES.

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      It does seem to be open still - on the SE corner of 20th and 2nd.

    2. could be mee noodle shop; I do remember it being on a corner. very smoky in there I recall, bad ventilation.

      1. How casual? how many years ago? Do you remember what you ordered and what you liked about it? I'd estimate about 40 restaurants serving chinese on the east side between those 20 blocks.

        Also did they have any specialties? Anything about the decor you can recall to help us help you?

        1. Sam's Noodle Shop was located on the SE corner of Third and 29th for many years, but it closed and was replaced by Tonic East.

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            It may have been Sam's. I think the place was on 3rd Ave. It had your typical Chinese American cuisine and the decor was pretty simple but nice for a Chinese place....light wooden tables and chairs. I was probably there 4 years ago.

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              Since the place appears to be gone can anyone recommend a good place with Chinese American food that will deliver to the East Village?