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Aug 19, 2008 10:37 AM

Best Spam Musubi on Oahu

I'm surprised that I've never seen this topic on the EIA board, so I thought I'd bring it up.

Everytime I visit Hawaii, I spend some time sampling Spam musubis. My past favorites have included Caryn's Okazuya on Young and the supermarket in Haleiwa. This trip, the best I had was at Fukuya on King Street. I like a well seasoned Spam (no Tulip thanks), a thick Nori wrap and a sizable though not overwhelming portion of rice.

I'd love to hear other opinions on where to get the best Spam musubi, from locals and tourists alike. Thanks.

My most recent Spam Quest:

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  1. Most of the spam musubi around is either plain spam on plain rice wrapped with a strip of nori, like your picture. Sometimes it is basted with teriyaki sauce, someplaces may put furikake on the rice, sometimes the entire musubi is covered with a sheet of nori. I like them all when I'm in the mood for a spam musubi.

    The most interesting one I've found is at Manoa Sushi in the Manoa Marketplace. The spam is lightly basted with teriyaki sauce, with a strip of nori, on top of a kind of sushi rice. Very tasty and unlike most you will find elsewhere. Best eaten slightly warm out of the kitchen, but fine cold as well.

    1. I don't remember the names of the places or know whether they still exist, but growing up my two favorite places were (1) a little hole-in-the-wall at the base of Pacific Heights on Pauoa across from the gas station, and (2) a little mom & pop convinience store in nuuanu on a small street right off the highway. As I read my descriptions I realize that they are not so helpful. Sorry.

      1. i feel strongly about this, but with one caveat -- i'm not sure its spam! I was very hungover driving some visitors up the east side to the north shore and i stopped at the Hygienic Store (one of the more comically named joints on the island) for beer (of course) and decided my condition required a musubi - and i'm glad it did. The meat is dark (on the outside), definitely glazed with some dark soy, maybe teriyaki but its not so sweet....egg underneath, furikake on top of the appropriately-sized "box" of rice, and decent amount of nori keeping this puppy structurally sound...and its always nice and, the texture of the meat makes me think its not spam, and i considered it was one of the others (tulip, treet) for awhile. but i was in safeway the other day passing by the processed meats and saw packaged musubi "cuts" of portuguese sausage - and the lightbulb went on! its just a guess, but i think its a portuguese musubi - i've passed the shop and had the musubi (2 each time) a few times, but for some reason havent asked exactly what the meat is (the folks at the register are never particularly friendly). the meat just tastes more "exotic" than spam.....I'd love it if someone knows for sure what's in that musubi --- either way, stop by there and try one, they are the most ONO musubi, spam or not, on island (in my humble opinion).

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          Hygienic Store
          47 528 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe, HI

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            just reporting back that the musubi at hygienic store actually is spam! just crazy flavorful spam....i asked what the guy does and i didnt catch everything bc it was loud and he's a mumbler, but he cooks the spam in shoyu, sugar, garlic, ginger and a couple other ingredients -- the last time i had it the spam was darkened throughout the meat so it must have been in the sauce for was sweeter than usual as a result, but big flavor is all good with me. one thing i forgot in the last post is most of the musubi have two slices of spam...good eats.

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              "i stopped at the Hygienic Store (one of the more comically named joints on the island)..."

              The Hygenic Store is so named because it used to be the company store of the long-gone Hygenic Dairy. It was the largest dairy on Oahu; it used to be a full -service store and had a gas station as well.


              Aloha, Coconut Queen

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              1. If your ever on the country side, you guys got check out Kaya Store in Punalu'u, I think Bev makes the most onolicious spam musubi ever, nori that surrounds rice, ono spam and her speacilty egg cusine) this buga is ono.............. she also has regular spam musubi, and also a fried rice musubi.... check it out