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Aug 19, 2008 10:27 AM

Authentic Mexican Cuisine In Kennett Square

Has anyone tried the panaderia place that apparently serves up limited meals that is located in a mini-shopping center a little past the butcher (but a bit before Giordano's) on the left side of Cypress Street as you head out of town towards Longwood? We tried a number of pastries there last week that were surprisingly fabulous and was wondering if anyone else has tried the prepared food there.

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  1. I haven't tried that place yet, the other place I was curious about is newer and on you way out of Kennett on the left hand side by the small Wawa in downtown. It's small and I'd love to try it but I have a hard time not going to Taqueria Moreleon every time in Kennett Square. Any replies welcom. Thanks

    1. I'm not sure I'm thinking of the same place ... small, very new, a stand-alone storefront on the left heading out of Kennett. I think it's called "Taqueria, or something similar (but I could be completely wrong about the name). But if it IS the same place, my first (and last) experience there was not at all like yours. I ordered three different tacos and they were, in a word, disgusting. The fillings looked like they had been cooked a week ago. They were about as unappetizing as tacos could ever be. The whole place lacked appeal. I won't be returning. Taqueria Moroleon is my go-to place for Mexican food in the area.

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        Thankfully not the same place...It's called Panaderia Lara and they serve small meals until 5 PM nightly. It's in a building with one or two other businesses about a block before Giordano's on Cypress heading towards Rt. 1. It seems so low key (well at least the food part) that probably nobody knows about it because it's primarily a bakery. Crossing my fingers...

      2. gotta give it a try? What type of pastry?

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          Like the authentic mexican type buns with the icing on top, pink iced cinnamony pastries that are shaped (for lack of a better description) like the state of Delaware that are really good, donuts, etc. So far it's pretty good, and much better than the other place in downtown Kennett as far as baked goods.

          As an aside, anyone hear anything about the Cypress Grille which just opened in Kennett (supposedly Greek cuisine).

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            those buns all look like some bad generic sweet with garish colors and they are so not!

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              Where, exactly is the Cypress Grille? And, speaking of new restaurants in Kennett, has anyone tried the new Italian place that has taken over the space where State Street Grill used to be?

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                It's at 835 W Cypress St on the West side of Kennett Square. Have not tried the Italian place yet...

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                  Maybe I wasn't far enough out of Kennett on W. Cypress, but I didn't see the Cypress Grille as I rode by earlier today. I was only out to the Giant market. BTW, that taco place I referred to in my earlier post is called La Pena.

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                    Hmmm, I just got the address from the yellow pages but have never been there. You could Mapquest it for an exact location? Apparently it used to be a different restaurant according to a co-worker.

                    1. re: bluehensfan

                      Google Maps shows it right next to Peter Lumber. Yes, that location has been home to quite a few restaurants, most recently (I think) a Mexican restaurant. If you do try it, be sure to let us know.

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                  Cyprus Grill is ok, but nothing really to rave about. Their food is pretty typical, and it really wasn't memorable. And i havn't been to th enew italian place but i do know that it serves large family-style portions and is supposed to be decent.

                  1. re: pisforpaigexo

                    If you're referring to Portabella's in KS, I've been there several times now. I'd put it a couple of notches up from Enzo's. If you're wanting to try it, check first for coupons on They've had $25 coupons for as little as $4.00 if you use the right coupon code at checkout.

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                  I just saw this article about Cypress Grille in today's Kennett Paper. It just might be worth checking out.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    Hmmm thanks for posting the article...I guess I was expecting more traditional Greek offerings (especially octopus and fish) but this place seems more Greek-diner style food. Now I will have to determine what the Mexican place has other than sopes and enchiladas because that is all I can remember on their little menu board!

              2. Not Kennett Square per se, but we just had a great dinner at El Sombrero on Route 41 in Avondale. Which, for my money, is practically Kennett Square. Definitely recommend. Great food, very sweet and warm young server, BYOB, inexpensive, great selection of locally made pasteles (popsicles) and Mexican-bottled beverages. Loved the chicken mole. My only disappointment was that I forgot to order tamales. Next time!

                El Sombrero
                Avondale PA, Avondale, PA

                El-Sombrero Tortillera Factory
                2 Ellicott Rd, Avondale, PA

                El-Sombrero Grocery Store
                437 Gap Newport Pike, Avondale, PA 19311

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                  OK so we tried Panaderia Lara (well the huracheria inside). There's a small counter that seats all of three people at the time but the food's great! The women there are so nice, and they make excellent huraches, tacos, tortas, and burritos with many different fillings. We tried carne asada, pollo with nopales, al pastor, etc, and all were excellent...much better than the stuff we tried at Taqueria Moroleon if you ask me. There's not much atmosphere, but if you're looking for great food and friendly service, this is the place to go. BTW we speak a little Spanish, which is verry helpful here because if you don't you will need to copy down the menu and translate it at home like we did!

                2. Went to try it today for their tacos al pastor and was disappointed. I got there about 3:30 and asked for some tacos al pastor. After a little bit of chatter, the woman said no. I'm guessing they ran out but was really disappointed since al pastor are my favorite. I decided not to get anything else, but will try again at some other point.

                  Also Cypress Grill is now closed. That location hasn't had any success since it was the Barnwood....

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                  1. re: bignickpsu

                    I'd not rush back to Panaderia Lara if I were you as our more recent visits there were less than spectacular...