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Aug 19, 2008 10:22 AM

Looking for Italian Restaurant With Caricatures on the wall near big dig zone?!

I went to this restaurant by chance near where they tore down the old elevated expressway. I remeber becasue we crossed over dirt and grass that they were trying to turn into a path or park. This Italian Restaurant has a few different rooms. It had alot of caricatures on the wall of famous Boston celebs in a garden/vineyard type atmosphere. I remeber it was also sort of dark, but the food was great! If anyone knows or has a suggestion, I would appreciate it. I am heading up to Boston on Thursday 8/21 and wanted to go there again!! I am in desperate need fellow Chowhounds!


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  1. I could be offbase location-wise, but I know the Palm has a large amount of caricatures, and they consider their food partly Italian.

    1. That definitely sounds like a description of Joe Tecce's.

      I wouldn't really recommend the food there as it isn't nearly as good as it once was.
      I think the opinions on this board are pretty much in agreement with that if you do a search.

      1. I would say you are looking for Joe Tecci's

        1. I haven't been in a long long time, but maybe Polcari's?

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              Ahh, that's what I was thinking of. Yes, I meant to say Joe Tecce's (the first restaurant in the North End I went to back in the 80s), not Polcari's. I've never been to Polcari's.