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Aug 19, 2008 10:22 AM

Any tasty recipies for boneless chicken breasts?

They tend to be dry, not too flavorful. I usually marinate in ginger and garlic, then cook on grill pan. Any other suggestions for moist flavorful boneless chicken breasts?

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  1. Flatten, bread it like a veal cutlet(seasoned breadcrumbs with parmesan), pan fry. Sidedish can be some oven roasted cherry tomatoes and some aglio olio angel hair.

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      A favorite of is Italian, but I am not sure what it is called:

      pound breasts flat. Season. In the center of each add one leaf of fresh sage, one slice of fontina cheese, and one slice of prosciutto, roll the breast and place the open side down in a baking pan. Add some good white wine and bake until done(temp 375-but time depends on how many and your oven-of course). I have also grilled these(although the cheese can get a bit messy) and sliced them thin for a salad topping. They are great cold or warm.

      peace, jill

    2. I know I post a link to this recipe all the time, but it's great - yogurt marinated chicken:

      Just made it on Sunday.

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        MMRuth's yogurt marinated chicken has become part of the regular rotation at my house -- it's so easy and good (I make it on the grill).

        I also really like this Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano. I use boneless breasts and they stay very moist and flavorful. Just made it last night. By the way, I throw some garlic into the marinade.

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          MMRuth, your chicken sounds absolutely delicious! The recipe says to marinate the chicken for 1-2 hours. Will it still taste okay if I marinate it overnight in the yogurt? I work during the day and I try to get our dinner on the table within an hour of my walking in the door. Also, does it matter if you use full fat Fage or fat-free Fage? Thanks so much for the recipe!

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            I've never done it overnight - so maybe someone else might be able to chime in on that. I usually use full fat, but I'm pretty sure I've used the 2 percent and fat free one too.

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              MMRuth, thank you so much for the yogurt marinated chicken recipe! The chicken breasts were indeed very moist and full of great flavor. I went ahead and made kabobs and cooked them on a gas grill. I thought they tasted good yesterday, but the cold leftovers today were even better! Thanks again.

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              Since I work too, I usually marinate the chicken overnight and it comes out fine. I have also used various types of yogurt and it still works. Maybe a bit better with the full fat yogurt (what isn't better with full fat anything?!?), but still good.

              And since my almost 2 year old son can't have any dairy, I've even used plain soy yogurt and it worked.

          2. We made this a few weeks ago and it was tasty. It's stuffed with goat cheese, basil and green onions.


            1. Cover in panko. All chicken tastes better with a nice coating of panko.

              1. Last weekend I had a group over where I butterflied and pounded the breast,...salted...floured...dipped in egg...then in Italian breadcrumbs with generous parsley and parmesan added....Pan fried VERY quickly in Colavita olive/canola combo..then topped with arugala and grape tomatos tossed in balsamic vinigarette with shavings of parmesan..Can be served warm or cold.

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                  This sounds really good to me. Since it's OK warm or cold, did you cook the chicken before guests arrived and top it off when served. I just hate to be cooking when the guests are here. Also, did the breadcrumbs hold their crispness, or did it get soggy?
                  Thanks, pondrat...