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Aug 19, 2008 10:02 AM

Cheap live lobsters?

I read today on Slate's website that the price of lobster for this season is actually lower than it has been in the past few years (article found at: ).

Is this true here in Manhattan? I'd like to know if anyone has found cheap live lobster, and can point me to some cheap and tasty crustacean goodness...thanks!

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  1. Chinatown- particularly places with tanks of live lobster.

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    1. re: Ann900

      Ann900, do you know roughly how much they run?

      1. re: kelea

        I've only had them in restaurants- where you can get a very nice 3 lb'er for around $16- a real bargain compared to prices further up town. FYI- If you can find a place that does liobster "homestyle" go for it. Lobster in the shell, sauteed -dry(no or very little sauce of any kind) with bits of pork and egg. Fabulous. (Usually not on the menu, so you have to ask.)

    2. isnt cheap lobsters an oxymoron? sorta like jumbo shrimp? sorry couldn't resist.

      The lowest i have seen lobster this year was at 699/pd and that was upstate ny. Your best bet is the check with whole foods or do china town. your better off just going to the essex for lobster nite?

      1. Are you looking for a restaurant with cheap live lobster or a place where you can buy cheap live lobster to cook at home?

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          The latter..i'm looking to make lobster rolls for dinner on sunday for some guests who are visiting. It's looking like I'm goin to have to make a trip down to chinatown on sunday

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            Chinatown is probably your best bet. If you want really big ones, the store on Centre Street has the cheapest jumbo lobsters in water tanks. If you are looking for smaller sizes, then the vendors on Canal will have them. Even though they are not in the water tank, they are still moving and kicking. Those are usually priced by unit, not by lb.

            Almost every seafood vendors on Mott street will have fresh live lobsters in water tanks, priced by lb.

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              In the Chelsea Markets is a shop called The Lobster Place and they have huge tanks of lobsters. Not sure if cheapest, but probably the freshest and largest selection available anywhere.


              1. re: TryThis

                My friend's been helping me research and Lobster place is $20/lb while chinatown and flushing is $9. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to shop as Chelsea Market, that's just going to push my budget

          2. My favorite place in Chinatown is at 40-44 Allen St. Hester Street. It's called the Lobster Farm. I think I paid around $7/lb in June for the 1 1/12 lb lobsters. The smaller ones were less. They are very nice to deal with and speak English.

            Call them and ask what the prices are. (212) 431-7668

            The lobsters sold on Canal Street are the small ones.

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            1. re: Nywoman

              THANKS!!! I am definitely gonna try that out on Sunday

            2. Fairway (at least the Brooklyn one, but I would bet all) has lobsters on sale (until 9/1) at $5.99 /lb.

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              1. re: bobjbkln

                I wish I had known of this yesterday! I ended up buying some at the fish market on Grand and Chrystie for $8.90/lb

                1. re: kelea

                  The place on Centre St. usually has the best prices on lobster all year...I was there about a week or so ago, and I think the top price was $9.99/lb for 2-6 lb'ers. While they have a very high turnover, and their stuff is very fresh, there is a lack of sweetness...I strongly suspect that they aren't putting enough salt in the water...they have huge tank systems, the biggest I have ever seen aside from Jordan's in Brooklyn, and I know that if salt water (pet) fish stores try to save money by cutting back on salt, they probably do also.