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Aug 19, 2008 09:32 AM

Inexpensive restaurant/take-out downtown

So my boyfriend and I are driving into Montreal from NY and once we arrive on Saturday evening we really don't want to have to get on the Metro to get a decent meal. Does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant (entrees under $15) or a take-out place within walking distance of rue Sherbrooke and rue Crescent? We like pizza, Thai, Indian, Chinese and pub/bar food. If we do take-out can anyone suggest a bar we can go to afterwards? Nothing too touristy and crazy though...somewhere we can relax after a long drive.

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  1. All of these are within walking distance of your hotel.

    For Chinese you can go get takeout or eat in at Restaurant Pret A Manger - 1809 rue Ste-Catherine.

    For the best Thai in that area you could go to Restaurant Cusine Bangkok in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine at 1616 rue Ste-Catherine. It's in a food court but don't be put off. The food is really good there.

    Good pizza by the slice and manakish at Al-Taib at 2125 rue Guy.

    Excellent lebanese shawarma pitas at Restaurant Boustan 2020 rue Crescent (open really late - probably crowded on a Saturday since Crescent street is a busy bar/clubbing street).

    Decent pub food at McKibbins Irish Pub, 1426 rue Bishop. Good burgers and Irish nachos.

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      Tho' it's strange recommending Chinese to visiting NYers, don't forget Tapioca Thé!

      Other ideas will be found in the Hidden Gems around Guy/Concordia thread (Guy's two or three short blocks west of Crescent). And for usually reliable if always predictable French, there's always Le Paris (1812 Ste-Catherine West, 514 937-4898).

    2. A great takeout for Pizza is Pizza Chez Danny Restaurant
      De la Montagne, corner St-Catherine, Montreal, a short walk from Sherbrooke. If you walk down from Sherbrooke walk down De La Montagne- one street over from Crescent, much quieter walk, Can get a little crazy on Crescent. Its a Hole in the wall Take out pizza but has some of the best pizza around and is open Very late past 3am.
      On the way back you go by a corner bar underneth Club Wandas, on the Corner of De La montagne and Massineive. Nice quiet bar.