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Aug 19, 2008 09:21 AM

"Best" Costco Cheese Selection

As regular shoppers of Costco probably know, the cheese/wine departments of Costco vary dramatically from location to location.

The best I've found so far in SoCal is in Carlsbad, with Palm Desert a close second. Carlsbad blew me away. Nearly twice as many wines, and tons of exotic, artisinal cheeses. Van Nuys is really crappy, Marina Del Rey OK, Westlake Village pretty good.

How about Los Feliz or Burbank?

Any other local ones I've missed?


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  1. Los Feliz does not always have a huge selection of artisinal cheeses. But I enjoy very much their blocks of Pecorino and Parm Reggiano. And the shredded reggiano is very good. Recently they had as a special a terrific white cheddar and a very good Comte as well.

    1. Burbank is hit and miss. They always have the real-deal Parm, etc. Sometimes have some artisan cheddars and the Comte the other poster mentioned. I find that the cheese selection improves markedly at holiday time.

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      1. re: chez cherie

        my stinky heart weeps!

        buy cheap handles of booze, knock off electronics and frozen dumplings from cheese from a cheese store!

        every time you say artisan and costco together a cheesemonger looses thier wings...

        1. re: mr. brown

          i've seen fiscalini and other artisan producers' cheeses there on occasion, and while i agree that some of the mass produced cheese offerings are worse than none at all, i think that buying good and interesting cheeses at costco when they have them encourages them to carry others...and a costco wholesale order or two can give a struggling cheesemaker some wings...

          1. re: mr. brown

            Hard to pass up Ossau Iraty for $13.99/lb when every "cheesemonger" has it for $25-30!

        2. I was just at the one near me in Marina Del Rey (or Culver City technically) and they had a new section for cheeses. I picked up some English Cotswold for about 1/2 of what I usually pay at Bristol Farms, and it was in a air sealed package instead of just the plastic wrap that tends to let the cheese mold quickly.

          1. I was flabbergasted by the selection at Costco at Carlsbad as well. We went through the store pretty quick (the trip was to find blankets as we completely forgot to pack sleeping bags for our camping trip), but they have comte, and some other cheese imported from France as well.

            The Carlsbad branch has a lot of other stuff I can't find at my local Costco's. They had frozen prime grade beef, chicken & lemon purses-like pasta and mini cinnamon buns that I had a hard time finding here.

            I'm bringing my cooler next trip down in September...