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Aug 19, 2008 09:13 AM

Shrimp to go with Thai cucumber relish??

I have some shrimp that I was planning to use for scampi. But then I found all the ingredients for a delicious thai cucumber relish I make (with fish sauce, lime, sugar, serrano peppers, cilantro, mint and peanuts). Now I need a simple recipe for shrimp that would go with this relish. Simple is the key word. Unfortunately I do not have a Thai cookbook! Thanks.

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  1. I think they'd be nice just grilled - even in a grill pan. Julia Child has a recipe for marinated grilled shrimp and you could vary the ingredients a bit to work with the relish (which sounds wonderful by the way - would you mind posting the quantities?). I'd be happy to dig up the marinade ingredients for you.

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      Here is the recipe:Thai cucumber relish

      1/2 tsp salt, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1/3 cup of sugar, 2 Tbsp lime juice, 4 bird chiles or 1 serrano chili, unseeded, slivered; 3 pickling cucumbers peeled, seeded and sliced thin ; 1 shallot thinly sliced; 2 tbs chopped cliantro; 1 tbsp chopped mint; 1 tbsp unsalted dry roasted peanuts, coarsley chopped.

      Combine first five ingredients. Add the shallots and cucumber and combine.
      Let this sit for about 10 minutes and then putin serving bowl garnished with peanuts, cilantro and mint.

      I hope you like this !

    2. grilled with a little Thai sweet chilli sauce like this one

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        I marinate shrimp in coconut milk, garlic, lime juice, thai chile paste and some other stuff for an hour or two and then grill on skewers. It's like satay-sometimes I serve with peanut sauce but ALWAYS with thai cucumber salad.