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Aug 19, 2008 08:11 AM

Bachelorette Dinner - Washington, DC

I am in need of help to find a restuarant for dinner the night of my bachelorette party. I am definately looking for great food and a fun atmosphere - but keeping the entree price in the low-mid $20's. Any suggestions?

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  1. What part of town? What sort of food? How many people - will you need a private room?

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      Thanks for all of the doesn't matter what part of town the restuarant is in - we will make our plans around it. We should only be a party of 10 max so we shouldn't need a private room. As for the type of food - I am open - I was originally thinking good american food but I am open.

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        Then if you can get the girls to go up to $30, Oya should be a good deal for you, and it's the sort of restaurant where people dress up a lot. Same with Zengo. Mie n Yu, in Georgetown, can get a bit pricey, and isn't the best food in the world, but is a super-festive atmosphere.

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          Also you should note that the $30 includes 3 courses at Oya---a great deal!

    2. I'm not sure what type of vibe you are looking for. But some places that might be fun with good food are: Oya, Marvin, Cafe Atlantico, Ceiba, Jaleo, Hudson, and although I haven't been yet, it seems like CoCo Sala might fit the bill.

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        CoCo Sala was my recommendation too! Although, maybe not for dinner. Maybe a light dinner of tapas at Jaleo, followed by dessert sharing at CoCo Sala.

        CoCo Sala is on the trendy side, but it's a lot of fun to go there with your girlfriends and pass around a few desserts.

      2. Zengo, Oya or Zatinya.

        1. All the suggestions will really be pushing your budget... you can get a few small plates perhaps, but at most of those places it would be hard to get 3 small plates, and for me two is not enough especially if I am going out, Zengo will be around $10 average per small plate. Zaytinya is a little better. Oya has a great $30 dinner deal?

          I would see if a little more per person is ok, if not perhaps pizza at like Matchbox (they take reservations for larger parties only) and it's a lot of fun or pizza paradisio, or maybe go ethnic if there is something you like? Or perhaps Sette Osteria in Dupont, unfortunately the fun areas to get out tend to be pricier. For Thai Regent Thai is neat inside, and I know Lauriol Plaza gets frowned upon on here, they have good cuban and south american dishes, some of the mexican picks are ok, and it is a fun atmosphere, especially if you can sit on the roof, and not too bad price wise? There might be some places in Adams Morgan or Cleaveland Park that are less, perhaps search the threads on good places in those areas?

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            Sette is a good idea.

            I made my suggestions above based only on the entrees being in the low to mid $20s. The poster didn't say the entire meal had to be that amount.

            In Adams Morgan you might want to check out Bourbon. I also hear good things about Casa Oxacala (sp?) but have never been. I just know its very affordable. Perry's might also be an option--again, I've never been.

            In Cleveland Park you can try Spices. Completly affordable food and drinks. Although the fun factor might not be 100% there. Good food though.