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Aug 19, 2008 07:28 AM

Looking for littlenecks

I'd like to find some fresh and reasonably-priced littlenecks and perhaps steamers as well as I'm making dinner for 8 and have my heart set on a main course with clams. Is there a place to get them in Manhattan that has good prices? I live near the Lobster Place on Bleecker and they seem expensive at .50 apiece, but perhaps that's just the going rate. Also, is the Wed. fishmonger at the farmers market pricier? Thanks for any advice you might have.

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  1. You might try Citarella as well - not sure about the pricing though.

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      Usually go for about 5 bucks a dozen at the Farmer's Market. 6 bucks a dozen at my local fish market. Id go with the Farmer's Market, always works out well for me.