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Aug 19, 2008 07:10 AM

Richmond hound heading to Charlotte.....

We will be heading to Charlotte in a couple of weeks for the VT/ECU football game. Is there anyplace downtown that we could get a party sub (or other tailgate grub) early on a Saturday morning?

Also, are there any good BBQ places in route from Richmond to Charlotte?

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  1. Best BBQ in NC (IMHO) is available at Allen and Son, just off Hwy. 86 south of Hillsborough, NC, not far off I-85. Google map it: 6203 Millhouse Road, 27516 (although be aware that Google map isn't 100% accurate...the actual location is at the corner of Millhouse and Hwy. 86) This is near Durham, so it should be roughly halfway between Richmond and Charlotte.

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      I eat at the Q Shack in South Charlotte quite often and always enjoy their Q. They have a tailgate menu and will deliver, i believe, but you may want to call them about it. 704-542-5959. Good subs in Charlotte are few and far between.

    2. Lexington BBQ in Lexington, NC Absolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Reid's Fine Foods may be able to do a party sub but even if they can't, they make some excellent sandwiches and other deli items. I love their chicken salad.


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          THANK YOU!! I just spoke with their very nice catering director and I think they will be able to help us out!

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            I use Reid's frequently for business events and they're very reliable. I think they're open pretty early on Saturdays -- they have good pastries and coffee too so you'll be all set for an early start. There's a small farmer's market across the street from Reid's that opens at 8:00am.

        2. In Charlotte we have lots of great food. While in Charlotte basically avoid sub sandwiches. Go for wings, fried chicken, BBQ whatever but subs are not our strong suit. If sub you must i would go with Pasta and Provisions, they have excellent italian cold cuts and you stand a chance of getting a sub you can party with. Yes, size does matter, but its not the only element of a fun party. If your going to bring it- bring it right!