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Aug 19, 2008 06:52 AM

Weekend of junk food

After a couple nice Rest. Week meals, I went lowbrow all weekend. Sat. decided to hop on a bus to Castle Island after an appt. on Newbury St. (Don't ever take the #10, takes twice as long as the 9.) It was a great day and I had visions of Sullivan's cheeseburger in my head. It wasn't quite as good as the one I had earlier this summer, but maybe the best all around value in town. Small but not too small burger with a little bit of a crust, some white American cheese, diced onion, grilled bun, all for $1.80. Walked into Southie proper and got a coffee kahlua brownie cone at PS Scoops which wasn't the best ice cream ever, but a giant single scoop in the $2.50 range. That nite a few of us ate outdoors at James Gate in JP which would have been nice had they not allowed cigar smokers, WTF. I really wanted their fish sandwich but remembered they could go really light and uncrisp on their fry jobs so asked for it extra fried. It was by no means over fried, just right w/ good tartar sauce, excellent cole slaw and quite decent if slightly over salted fries. Friend's meat loaf was a giant portion w/ mashed but no veggies. The Shephard's pie in contrast seemed on the small side and he was still hungry. Veggie burger was a veggie burger. While walking home, I decided to bop into Sweet Christopher's who really do have good cupcakes. Got a choc. one w/ great buttercream frosting for $1.95 (saved 1/2 for breakfast, the only time I didn't eat every speck of food all week). Sun. was a homemade blueberry donut from the Harvard Sq. farmer's market, still had some fresh greasy crispness to it. Then another good cheeseburger at Flat Patties, w/ more over salted fries. The bread overwhelms that burger a little bit but a good meal for $5. I was feeling guilty with all that unhealthy eating but heck, it's summertime.

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  1. I had a similar weekend. BLT, fries, and beer at O'Sullivan's in Somerville, peanuts and beer at Donohue's in Watertown, pizza at Jimmy's in East Walpole, steak and cheese at Braintree House of Pizza, and turkey dinner and beer at Foley's Backstreet Grille in Stoughton (the only real meal of the lot). And to top if off, I made a pizza from scratch using Alton Brown's nifty tomato sauce recipe. Hard to believe I'm still standing today!

    BTW, I do like that burger at Flat Patties, but I agree about the bread. Check this photo out:

    1. can i ask about the homemade blueberry donut--was that from the market that's in front of the charles hotel on fridays? and do you remember which stand it was?

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        As you're facing the Charles Hotel with the Legal outdoor place to your left, it was almost all the way to the right. They always have cider donuts and this time they had blueberry. $.50 each You don't really taste much of the blueberries but that was fine.

      2. PS Scoops in Southie supposedly has Richardson's ice cream. Not bad especially for the price! Their slushes are like $1.00 or 1.25 for a small.

        1. Not technically "junk food" maybe but enjoyed the Lazy Lobster at Schooner's on Nantasket Beach Saturday night. While we waited at the bar we shared a basket of onion rings (there's the junk food!). Very good-thin batter, tasted homemade. The Lazy Lobster had big chunks of meat in the usual seasoned butter cracker topping. It was good but I didn't really need that tablespoon or so of extra melted butter I sprinkled over it! Finished with homemade grapenut custard pudding. Mmmmmmmmmm pudding...........

          1. Sullivan's is a staple for my weekend junk food. It's much "better" than fast food for about the same price. Plus, it is dog friendly so we can feed the family for less than $20 and then not feel so bad about what we just ate by walking around the castle. The hot dogs(I believe Kayem) are always good in addition to the burgers that Joanie described but I would stay away from the chicken. Not bad but not really good either. The shakes are really good and are the best value I've found in Boston. I think it's 1.50 or maybe 1.95 when everywhere else I have to shell out 4-5 bucks for something that is only marginally better.