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Aug 19, 2008 06:15 AM

Italian in KC

Spending Labor Day weekend in KC and want to search out more Italian restaurants.
Have been to Lydia's and Cascones on Oak Traf. Way. (Both would highly recommend) Lived in KC 30 yrs ago and remember great place downtown called Gaitanos (sp) but figured they are long gone. Any suggestions for locally owned type fare?
For breakfast, we love First Watch in Westport area. The turkey eggs benedict keeps us going back.

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  1. la sals in columbus park is open m-f for lunch only, but its famous for its italian pastas and sandwhiches. garozzos in the same neighborhood has been around forever, been rebuilt after a fire and serves huge portions of fairly traditional american-italian food. the service is fun and the environment is casual.

    1. Carmen's in Brookside is a favorite and the food is always first rate. Tarantino's new location is close the the P$L Dist- i haven't been to that one yet but I'm sure its worth a trip.

      1. You might like Il Trullo, though it sounds as if it'd be a bit of drive south? I actually haven't been lately, but haven't had a bad meal there in the past.

        1. You might try the new Mike & Charlie's at Harrah's casino. Or Cupini's is good.

          1. Just had a very good meal at Osteria il Centro, just south of the plaza at about 51st and Main. I had grilled chicken and penne in a gorgonzola cream sauce, and hub had eggplant parmesan with linguine. Both reasonably priced for the quality.

            Accurso's Main Street Deli across Main Street is a very good red sauce Italian place. Slightly more casual.

            I've also had a very nice, very simple meal of Italian sausage, red sauce, and fettucine at Cucina di Mamma in Brookside. A more casual place.

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              I second the vote for Osteria il Centro. I used to live just blocks away--have since moved back to my hometown of Minneapolis--and it was our go-to place for good Italian. I love the chicken spedini, haven't found anything quite like it in the Twin Cities, and go back almost every time we visit the KC in-laws.