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Aug 19, 2008 05:27 AM

Calling all Windsorites

Going to Windsor, ON. this week. Looking for:
Organic meat
Imported items
Gourmet grocers
Anything chow worthy?

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  1. I tried asking this when I was leaving for Windsor in July to perform at the Fringe Festival and was met with astounding silence...

    The only "Chow" worthy place I ran into was May Wah Inn Chinese on University Ave W. Not the fanciest (it's rather stark and plain) and the service is, well, efficient. But it is the best authentic Chinese I've tasted outside of Agincourt/Markham. When I walked in and discovered the restaurant was jam packed and I was the only non-Chinese person there, I knew the food would be authentic and delicious...

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    1. re: Mike from Hamilton

      It's been a few years since I've eaten there, but I've always enjoyed Bubi's It's a burger joint specializing in "gourmet" burgers (i.e. greek burgers piled high with feta, etc.). They're not shy with the garlic, the portions are generous, and I've found the food to be delicious.

    2. Not a Windsorite but I'd check out the Market Square -

      Also, try searching Windsor in the Ontario places page and browse through the results -

      1. Tunnel BBQ - not for the ribs, which I find rather dry and boring, but for the little pastry shop at the side where they sell the most fantastic brownies. Get a half dozen to go.

        Erie street has some nice Italian spots (or, perhaps, had - I moved away 7 years ago, and haven't been back). We used to get a gelato, and stroll up and down the block checking out menus before choosing a spot to eat. Can't remember being disappointed.

        As Mike suggests, there are some very good Chinese spots on both University and College near the U.of W. campus. I'm hesitant to name names for fear they are no longer there, but if you don't mind pedestrian decor, you can get some great food. Bill Wong's is still probably there; I'd give it a pass.

        1. Here is a past thread:

          I strongly recommend Triple J Sausage described therein.

          1. Just moved to Windsor, but since the post seemed so bare, thought I would add in my two cents :)
            Josephs (down the street from University Plaza) is a decent place for cheap and fresh fruit and vegies, not too sure if all the items are local or organic. Right beside it is a meat market, again, not sure on the organic side, but it is fresh and non chain.
            Windsor is pretty good for ethic food, Chinese is great (Wah court is good on Wyandotte) and Vietnamese is good too (Pho Xic Lo on Wyandotte). There is also a farmers market on Market Square 2109 Ottawa St., but without a car, I can't tell you how it is. Let me know if you find anything chow worth down here (especially coffee!)