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Best FRIES in San Diego???

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So where do you love to eat FRENCH FRIES!!! when you go out in San Diego? I love Islands' fries. Most of there food isn't incredible, but the fries are great----skin on and everything, extra crispy!!1 good place for the fam too

so where do you get your french fries?

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  1. The frites at Cafe Chloe you get for the steak et frites. They put the steak on top of the frites and the fat will add a nice taste to the frites.

    1. I like Chloe's as well as Ave 5, Bertrand at Mister A's, I know I'm forgetting one or two other places

      1. My faves:

        1. The Pearl Hotel - crispy topped with salt, cracked pepper and herbs
        2. The Glass Door - thin shoestrings lightly salted
        3. Cafe Chloe - yeah, they've been great for a few years now
        4. McDonald's (Hillcrest) - because it'd be sort of unAmerican not to include it

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        1. This is a great question. I love the pommes frites at Vagabond. They are crispy, skinny, and covered in rosemary (or is it basil?). As for a vice, the french fries at Wendy's are delectable too!

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              I really like the numerous dips at Belgian Fries but was surprised that a place which is specialized in fries has only average ones, IMO

            2. Agree on Cafe Chloe and also like the fries at Farmhouse and Pamplemousse. OTOH, not so keen on the sweet potato fries I've had lately at a couple different spots like Urban Solace. Had them someplace else but can't recall where.

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              1. I know its not SD, but if you find yourself in Ensenada - go to Muelle 3. Order the ode to potato plate - tortilla espanola and papas fritas.

                I have never tasted better french fries in my life.

                1. thin, shoestring fries--Cafe Chloe (LOVE their trio of dips!)
                  thicker cut--Oceanaire
                  fast food--Jack in the Box curly fries

                  I was grossly disappointed in the fries at Tapenade and Cavaillon--nothing special at either place.

                  I may be spacing on some other places....

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                    About the only time I eat french fries are at fast-food joints with a burger. So ... at the expense of having to turn in my Chowhound membership card, I gotta throw a shout out here to In N Out Burger. They're always freshly made, crispy, and have that real potato taste. I know it's not fine cuisine, but for french fries, they're really good, am I right?

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                        I love the animal style fries at In n Out.

                        Although part of me wishes I had never found out about them! I used to just get the burger and pass on the fries and now half of the time I go I get the burger and the animal style fries! Too much food but sooooooo good!

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                          It's weird, encinitaseater. I cannot eat In-N-Out fries by themselves. I find them lacking something. But strangely, they work perfectly in concert with a burger and shake. It's what keeps me going back there.

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                            I can see that. It's a whole meal, I guess. :) And yes, animal style fries are amazing. Is it lunch time yet? ;)

                        2. Do any restaurants use duck fat for frying in San Diego?

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                            Oh my, nirvana! I've had them but, not in SD.

                          2. Bleu Boehm makes delicious fries with lavendar!

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                              agree, have been there a couple of times in last week and had them both times

                            2. Avenue 5. Was there last night. The fries and burger were great.

                              1. The fries at Tioli's Crazee Burger are addictive - they may not be the best in town, but they're damn close. Oh, and the fries at the Ritual Tavern excellent.

                                1. We love the fries at Hodad's -- crunchy outside, with a creamy, almost-baked-potato inside. Oh, and be sure to get a burger with those. :o)

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                                    The Hodad's fries aren't bad but I think they are way too thick. I have lived in other cities where there are lots of places with great cheese fries. I don't mean a place that dumps nacho cheese on fries. I don't see this offered much in SD. Are there any places who do it right? It is a great combination.