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Aug 18, 2008 11:58 PM

Best FRIES in San Diego???

So where do you love to eat FRENCH FRIES!!! when you go out in San Diego? I love Islands' fries. Most of there food isn't incredible, but the fries are great----skin on and everything, extra crispy!!1 good place for the fam too

so where do you get your french fries?

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  1. The frites at Cafe Chloe you get for the steak et frites. They put the steak on top of the frites and the fat will add a nice taste to the frites.

    1. I like Chloe's as well as Ave 5, Bertrand at Mister A's, I know I'm forgetting one or two other places

      1. My faves:

        1. The Pearl Hotel - crispy topped with salt, cracked pepper and herbs
        2. The Glass Door - thin shoestrings lightly salted
        3. Cafe Chloe - yeah, they've been great for a few years now
        4. McDonald's (Hillcrest) - because it'd be sort of unAmerican not to include it

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        1. This is a great question. I love the pommes frites at Vagabond. They are crispy, skinny, and covered in rosemary (or is it basil?). As for a vice, the french fries at Wendy's are delectable too!

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              I really like the numerous dips at Belgian Fries but was surprised that a place which is specialized in fries has only average ones, IMO