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Ice cream: Eggs or no eggs?

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That is the question... What are your preferences and why?

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  1. eggs

    richer, creamier, dreamier

    6 egg yolks

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      Everything Enorah said, and said so well.

    2. eggs...also stays scoopable in the freezer and doesn't get that nasty crystal texture

      1. Egg yolks.

        It's so much better. Very rich.


        1. i try not to use eggs because i dont like eggs very much. never had a problem with texture or crystals. have made kulfi, sherbert and icecream in my icecream maker. maybe i dont store long term except for kulfi which is why it works for me.

          1. I like eggs and think it's creamier that way but I've read (and don't know if it's an urban myth) that that makes it frozen custard instead.

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              No urban myth.
              Add egg yolks and it's technically frozen custard not ice cream.

            2. Totally depends on the flavor I'm making. In general, though, I prefer no eggs. My ice cream is still smooth and chewy, but the simple flavors shine, not the custard flavor.

              1. I've tried both ways and really it depends on the recipe. I made a coffee ice cream without eggs that turned out to be sweet coffee ice. But then I have a recipe for pistachio (no eggs) that's easily the creamiest ice cream I've ever made.

                1. I have always preferred the custard ice cream, it has so much more depth. However, it does soften some of the taste if you are making a fresh fruit ice cream.

                  1. For me anyway, ice cream without egg yolks equals gelato.

                    1. eggs! the whole point of homemade ice cream, to me, is the rich custard that you had to work for in order to savor. And the texture is much nicer.

                      1. I prefer good taste, mouth feel and extra freezer life that egg adds to the ice cream. But I think there is a responsibility to your family or guests to not only make it the best that you can but to make it safely.
                        I use a double boiler and bring the egg yolk, milk and sugar up to 160 degrees for a few minutes so not to curdle the egg yolk.

                        1. Eggs make a huuuuuge difference to vanilla, not sure about other flavors. I much prefer a vanilla ice cream WITHOUT black specks in it and WITH eggs.

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                            Used eggs when I first started making ice cream but soon switched to no eggs.

                            I didn't care much for the slight egg taste and secondly think of the cholesterol you are feeding everyone - its around 200mg per egg and possibly helping to block your arteries particularly if you like eating a lot and I do.

                            I found that I could make excellent ice-cream without eggs - my favorite is still a light and airy yogurt base. I have made this with no fat and low fat.

                            If you want to soften ice cream use a bit of alcohol - it prevents the ice cream from freezing hard. Vodka has no taste and is used by many or either select one of the liquor flavors Kahlua, rum etc. Depending on the quantity you make a tablespoon or two should suffice.

                            See David Lebowitz's site for more info - http://www.davidlebovitz.com/tag/alco...

                            I make great vanilla ice cream with cream or yoghurt - still my favorite flavor. Just alter the amount of vanilla to your taste.

                            1. re: Mistral

                              That whole cholesterol in eggs gives you cholesterol in your arteries has been proven a myth. Egg yolks have saturated fat, the cholesterol in food does not mean more cholesterol in your arteries, it's the fat, not the cholesterol. (The same goes for cholesterol in shrimp).

                              1. re: John E.

                                Exactly. Fewer than 1/3rd of people who have cholesterol problems (and that's like 1/3rd of all people in the US) can change cholesterol levels by changing their diet. That's something like fewer than 10% of the population.

                                What REALLY affects cholesterol levels, for pretty nearly everybody, is regular cardiovascular exercise. But doctor's rarely push this as hard, even though it's far more effective, as they do diet and meds.

                                Go figure.

                                Anyway I LIKE the taste of eggs in vanilla ice cream. I imagine I'll end up preferring it in other flavors as well but I haven't made that much ice cream yet to tell for sure.

                                I can't imagine vodka being a substitute for that creamy smooth and somehow enhanced by the eggs vanilla flavor I get from using an egg-based recipe for my French Vanilla ice cream. It just doesn't taste right to me without the eggs.

                                But to each their own. Tastes vary. That's why there are so many different ways to make the same dish, LOL!

                          2. I like both, for different reasons. Without egg yolks works better for some flavors, namely fresh, sweet summer fruit. I even like greek yogurt for strawberry, for instance. But, salty caramel and coffee and vanilla bean, I like custards better. Somehow, I think the extra fat carries the flavor better? I don't know whether that's scientifically true, but that's my experience.