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Aug 18, 2008 09:54 PM

Review: Terra Brasilia, Bridgeport, CT

It sure is nice to find something DIFFERENT that's good, locally.

Terra Brasilia is a little restaurant in Bpt that serves food buffet style and is one of four restaurants with that name. Two are in Mass, another is in Danbury, CT.

I've been two times now, and I must say that their food is good...not astonishing, but good.

The buffet may be a little different that what you're used to; let me explain. You go up, take a plate and they weigh it, then you're given a ticket. Go up, get another plate, rinse, repeat, you get the idea, then the cashier totals you up in the end on your way out. It creates quite a problem when you have multiple people on your bill however--a good amount of confusion.

To start, they have many salad/vegetable offerings.....but you didn't come here for the vegetables, huh? Consistently they have a shrimp salad, fried chicken, fried fish (cod today), black beans and rice, mashed potatoes, etc. They also have a lovely carving station where you can get pork sausages, roasted chicken, steak, roast pork, and probably other stuff that I have forgotten. Let me say that their roast chicken is probably the best I have had out in a long, long, time. The pork sausages taste just like kolbasi, and the steak is also very good--not prime rib though :)

If you get two plates, it will probably run you around 15 bucks per person or so.
I'll head back again when I'm in the area!

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    Nice review. I'm a fan of that place too.

    There are several Brazilian restaurants in BPT with the same buffet style. My favorite is Pantanal on Frank Street a few blocks away from Terra Brasilis.

    1. OMG - Terra Brasilia is great! I went there on a Saturday night with a friend and then went back Sunday night again with my mother. The meats that they cook on the rotisserie are crazy good. It's a great place to try a little bit of every thing and the prices are cheap as dirt. I'll have to try El Pantanal too - are they a buffet, or what is unique about them?

      1. I've been to Terra Brasilia about a dozen times (it's probably my favorite restaurant) and Pantanal about 5 - 6 times since the last time I posted...see above. I've talked to a number of people and they mostly seem to favor Pantanal over Terra Brasilia, but I get a better vibe from Terra Brasilia ....I like the location, family feel, and it seems there's a bit more to choose from.

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            That Pantanal website says they have strippers there every Friday night. OMG! Is there a back room or something or are they dancing amongst the buffet!!??? :-)

            1. re: cheereeo

              I don't think SO will go or let me go. It says, "Ladies free all night"! (on Fridays
              )I wonder if there is a stiff cover charge for Friday's buffet?

              1. re: cheereeo

                For the record, there are NO strippers at Pantanal. However, if Brazilian strippers are your cup of tea they can be found at a few "establishments" in BPT as well as a number of other locations in Connecticut. The vans come up 95 everyday from NYC to bring the girls to work.

                On to the food...Pantanal is still producing the best Brazilian food in the area. And if you do like Latin music, they get some interesting bands from all over Latin America on the weekend.

                1. re: JohnnyCT

                  Haven't seen you too much on CH as of late. Glad to see you posting. So why do they say they have strippers every Friday night?

                  1. re: Scargod

                    Regarding Pantanal Churrascaria. The website does not say that they have the kind of entertainment it is being suggested in the thread. The latest advertising may be misleading, but I know for sure there is not such kind of entertainment. I believe Club Escapes @ Pantanal is exploring different kind of music, some hip-hop and such on Fridays. In fact, there will be a Halloween celebration on the 31st that is totally family oriented. I agree with others in this forum that Pantanal’s food is excellent and the price is right. I think Pantanal’s food is the closest you can get to homemade Brazilian meals. Hope this helps.

                    1. re: abelito

                      Thanks for clarifying abelito. I see the questionable ad in the events section has been removed. And Family Atmosphere blurb added to the homepage. Always good to monitor Chowhound!