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Aug 18, 2008 09:38 PM

Kim Lee Fast Food in Milpitas?

This storefront next to Ocean Supermarket offers steam table Chinese food as well as a Cantonese barbecue station. A few tables and chairs are available to sit down to eat your purchase. Today it had a price promotion on small soy sauce chickens, $5 each or two for $9. They looked good, how's the food at Kim Lee?

Kim Lee
20 S Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035

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  1. Kim Lee is like a more Chinese/Vietnamese take out food some what like King Egg Roll. If fresh the steam table food is good.

    The standout is the Chinese BBQ. Roast Duck use to one of the best in the South Bay and you may wished you pick up a soy sauce chicken. The BBQ is as good as they looked.

    They also have take out dim sum.

    Was part of a bakery a few doors down, which has a drop dead Don Tat. Chow Fun cried when it closed. Outstanding Vietnamese sandwiches too. But that is in the past.

    I now pass on Ocean Supermarket, since that is where Chow Fun found his unborn eggs. He ran over Ruth and I to get to them.

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      Thanks for the explanation. The other store is now Golden Bakery that I posted about here,

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        The old bakery was Yung Yueng or something close. The old don tat was much closer to the old Golden Gate. Have not tried Golden Bakery. Hope Chow Fun will pipe in since he is our don tat expert.

        Next time I am in the area I will give Golden Bakery a try.

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          Google still shows Yuen Yang Bakery at that address.

    2. The party trays of fried egg rolls are pretty good as well but they must be the fresh ones out of the fryer. I ordered the 25 pc tray for a potluck and the egg rolls were inhaled. Nicely seasoned filling.

      Haven't tried much here other than that.

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        Thanks for the info. I've had the sense that there aren't many "hanging duck" places of merit in the South Bay, so I wanted to see whether this one was chowhound worthy or not. I also visited Clement Bakery & Deli down the street (S. Park Victoria becomes Morrill Ave in San Jose), which is new,

        Golden Bakery
        30 S Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas, CA

        Clement Bakery & Deli
        2115 Morrill Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

      2. The general impression is that Clement Bakery and Deli in San Jose is a more worthy place to shop than at the Kim Lee deli and Golden bakery combination in Milpitas. The Clement Bakery far outshines Golden Bakery. At Kim Lee Fast Food, I tried half a pi-pa roast duck. It was nothing to rave about. Also tried a couple pieces of salt and pepper crab……dry, dry, dry. The roast duck at Kim Lee is a bit darker and drier in appearance than Clement's. Clement's roast ducks has more moist, lighter, better coloring, but I refrained from buying because of pin feathers. The Clement deli beef stew looks great and taste great. There is no chintzing on the amount of beef stew meat to daikon. The meat, however, is a bit tough. It would be great if they could only tenderize it a bit more by stewing longer.

        Clement's dim sum offerings look inviting. The bee's nest taro dumpling photo shows the Clement Bakery one on the left and the Kim Lee on the right. The Clement version has a slightly more crispy shell. Both dumplings are good taking into consideration that they are fast food take-out dumplings which have been sitting out on the shelves. Nothing compares to a freshly fried, ultra crispy bee's nest dumpling steaming out of the Koi Palace kitchen in a sit-down dim sum outing. The Clement don tart is big and the filling seems to be quite tasty but the shell crust is not as flaky as that from the Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco.

        1. Beef Stew (Gnow Nom)
        2. Bee's nest taro dumpling
        3. Don tart