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Aug 18, 2008 08:24 PM

recent trip to moosewood in ithaca

i went to moosewood on a sunday two weeks ago. we got there at 5:30 when the doors open, but there were already people waiting in the waiting area. there is a sign that says to wait near the counter so i went there to wait to put our name on the list. no one was there to take our name. a couple came in after us, didn't go to the designated post to put their name on the list, and a woman came behind the counter to take their name. i told her we were there and wanted to put our name on the list too and she said snappily, "this isn't even my job." after waiting for seats, we got seated outside (weren't even asked if we wanted to sit outside). both of our silverware was dirty. my fork had a big stuck on mess that looked like fried beans. our waitress rarely came around and didn't take away the dirty silverware. i also ordered wine and asked to have it with my meal, which the waitress said basically couldn't be done and it wasn't. it was indian night and the selection wasn't very creative. i ordered fish and the fish was boring and the rice wasn't cooked right. i could've gotten better and much cheaper indian food at a real indian restaurant. in addition, you had to pay for a bread basket ($2 a basket) which you do pay for indian bread at an indian restaurant, but this wasn't indian bread. it was normal white bread. after our meal, we walked around and found a vegetarian restaurant called the lost dog cafe which had a much more creative vegetarian menu and we wished we had eaten there. in all, i do not recommend eating here as it's over-priced, you are treated like cattle by rude servers, and it's not clean and saying the food was average is generous. i am sure moosewood was good in its heyday, but that is long gone.

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