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Best food buys at Sam's club.

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Well its time again for me to renew my membership. What are the best food items you have purchased from Sam's club?...Also, What are the worst.

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  1. I'd say the Bacon Wrapped Turkey Fillets are pretty good.

    I usually buy the sourdough bread (artisan style) and freeze a loaf for later.

    The Pretzel Pub Mix is to die for addicting.

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      I like the rotisserie chickens, nicely seasoned and way larger than what the supermarkets around here sell for the same price.

    2. Haven't been there much over the last year or two, but I always thought they had very good prices on cheeses. My mom would always buy a big hunk of gouda and send half of it back to college with me.

      1. The frozen pork bbq sandwiches with Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce. They're sorta like the McRib but a million times better and without onions.

        1. I really enjoy the Emeril's chicken sausage

          1. I love Sam's but don't have time to write much right now. I would like to give an example of how food prices are rising. I have bought the 15 lb bag of large baking potatoes for @ $5.88 seems like for years. About one month ago the price had jumped to $9.88. Yesterday the price was $11.88. I just walked on by.....

            1. I am a member at both Costco and SAM's. in the last 12 months I think I was purchasing more of my groceries at SAM's than Costco. Costco has been moving in a trend to use a Kirkland brand of everything rather than using a name brand. Examples of this change are the pre-cooked bacon and the mexican cheese. Costco has gone to a house brand for both. Sam's uses Hormel Black Label for the bacon and Kraft (in smaller bags) for the shredded mexican cheese. Meats are about the same at both, but I feel the selection is a little better at Sam's and I think the prices are a little lower. The Sam's Club in Frederick MD, has a second brand of boneless skinless chicken, for example that is usually less than $2/lb. Sam's also has some items I don't usually find at costco, like bags of shredded cabbage for cole slaw, pre-pounded "even cook" frozen chicken breasts, they also have 20 oz Coke/Diet Coke in bottles.

              Other favorites: Jimmy Dean Fresh Sausage rolls and patties
              Canadian bacon (2lb roll)
              Large bags (5lb) of pasta (pene, egg noodles)

              That said I feel that Costco continues to come out with newer product so I find my self alternating now between the locations.

              Finally, it's not a food buy, but we always get the box of POM toilet paper. Rolls are individually wrapped in paper not plastic and the box is much easier to store and stack, plus the box recycles.

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                One of the the attractions for us of the Sam's Club in Morelia, Mexico is that they (usually) stock Wright's thick-sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon. But generally we shop at Costco as it's more geographically convenient to the highway home.

                Sam's is a lot better for food service type equpment, such as baker's pans, aprons and the like.

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                  Wrights bacon, Best Kosher dinner franks, and mainly, Sadlers Smoked Brisket. I will rejoin Sam's when I need to restock those 3 items.