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Aug 18, 2008 07:26 PM

Grilled fish or chicken tacos in San Diego

Last week I went to George's Ocean Terrace for lunch. I ordered the grilled tuna tacos they were cooked perfectly and they give you a big piece of tuna. I really enjoyed the mango salsa and lime creme fraiche that was on there. Does anyone have any other restaurants they reccomend that have good grilled fish or chicken tacos mainly for lunch? Also I would prefer a restaurant thats in an area where I can walk around or do something after i eat, also not a dump an actual sit down restaurant thats pretty nice looking.

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  1. I gave up on grilled fish tacos because I discovered that I actually prefer them San Felipe or Ensenada style. That being said, Maureen Clancy, former food writer for the Union-Tribune, swears by the grilled fish tacos at Beaumont's on La Jolla Boulevard.

    1. Blue Water has great grilled fish tacos, you can sit there and walk around the rest of India Street but the ambiance is low brow.

      They don't have great salsa, bottled is all, but the fish is the freshest I have seen and the portions are huge.

      One thing I will note is that they have become more expensive, two tacos and a drink will set you back ~ $15. Used to be about $10.

      The best thing to do is cruise their fish counter and see what looks good, then order it for the tacos. I usually get two different tacos. Things that have rocked were salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Sea Bass, Swordfish and Atlantic Sea Scallops.