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Aug 18, 2008 06:49 PM

Bobbys burger palace

Was wondering if someone had gone to Bobby Flay's new burger place in Smith Haven Mall and have a review.

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  1. I was there about a week after it opened. My burger was pretty bad (I think it was the BBQ burger). My nieces was pretty good (California? burger). The fries were basic (and not very good) crinkle cut. The sauce for the fries was great. The milk shakes were excellent. Customer service was top notch.

    The burgers are fairly small, but decent meat. You can get any of the burgers with beef, chicken or ground turkey (if I remember right).

    Hope that helps.


    1. Coincidentally, a review appears in today's Newsday....burgers so so, shakes excellent.

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        The review mentioned that you cannot get the burger rare. They will not do it. This immediately flags this restaurant as a place where the attorneys have more power than the chef.


      2. I was there over the weekend. There was a line for about 20 minutes because there was only one person on the register(you order and pay first). Once we ordered, service was fairly good. Burgers are OK at best. The toppings and sauce were excellent though. Fries and the "warm chips" were average. Considering that it was a "Bobby Flay" resturant, I was a bit dissapointed.