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Aug 18, 2008 06:47 PM

Am I stuck in a rut at Langers or Smart?

My hubby and I love Langers (thanks to Paloma and her subway eating trip awhile back after we just arrived here in LA!). But I always have the same thing: 1/2 of a number 19 (pastrami, swiss, rye etc.) and a cup of matzoh ball soup, and split a large fries. Other than venturing occasionally for an egg cream or chocolate soda if I EVER have the room, I have never tried anything else there. So am I stuck in a rut-should I take a risk on something else-I look longingly at the fried chicken....but who can sacrifice the pastrami?

Am I smart to always stay loyal to the number 19 and fries or should I try anything else at Langers?!!

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    1. Corned Beef on Dark Rye. NO cheese. IMHO.....

      1. Just get the plain old pastrami unadorned other than some deli mustard on rye to see if you really think that the adornments of the # 19 are necessary.

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          While I think the pastrami at Langer's is FANTASTIC, I think the #19 creates a certain balance of flavors and textures that can't be beat by pastrami and mustard alone.

        2. their turkey is great! sooo fresh!!! and if you haven't tried their cream soda, it's their own brand and pretty good.

          1. Let me add another question, if I can hitch-hike here: has anyone tried their patty melt, and how was it? As long as I'm looking for good ones, should I squander a visit to Langer's on a non-pastrami item? And PLEASE don't suggest I get both - if I were 14 again, I could do that, but now...!