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Aug 18, 2008 06:45 PM

In search of great HK diners, "cha chan teng"

I'm on the HK island side, but I know there are tonnes of these in Mong Kok. Let the suggestions flow!!!

Thanks in advance, xie xie!

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  1. Unless you are looking for a certain specialty, Tsui Wah in Central opposite Yung Kee or the tw in CWB are always good standby.

    1. I assume you can read Chinese

      維記咖啡粉麵 Wai Kee Noodle Cafe
      深水埗福榮街62號及66號地下及北河街165-167號地下D號 (Sham Shui Po) - great for pork liver instant noodle or macaroni (VERY famous)

      蘭芳園 (老店) Lan Fong Yuen
      中環結志街2號 (2 Gage Street, Central) - this is the birthplace of Hong Kong milk tea. An absolute must. Try also instant noodle lo mein with grilled brazilian chicken, ginger scallion oil, lu shuer sauce

      金鳳茶餐廳 Kam Fung Restaurant
      灣仔春園街41號春園大廈地下 (good local standby for HK milk tea as well)

      檀島咖啡餅店 Honolulu Coffee Shop
      灣仔軒尼詩道176-178 號地下及閣樓 - (Wanchai) one of the best egg tarts in HK, multi flake shell. Also good for pineapple bun with butter, coffee and hk milk tea.

      美都餐室 (mei do) 油麻地廟街63號地下 - this is the best HK cafe that is stuck in the 50s. Marble tile old school wallpaper. It was the setting of several Hong Kong films, including Kowloon Ice Room (Cheng Ekin, triad movie). You want to have the baked pork ribs in tomato sauce over rice 焗排骨飯, and red bean shaved ice 紅荳冰 here.

      Many of these are also on my to try list after extensive research. Honolulu I've been to in 2002, but don't remember much.

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      1. re: K K

        email me at and I'll send you a scanned copy of a guide on HK street food. It has most of the above and then some.

        1. re: Peech

          Actually to clarify, the booklet is not about "street food" or temporary stalls on roadside. It's actually about the common food served in "cha chan teng"

          1. re: Peech

            This is in Chinese so you must be able to read Chinese, or find someone who is patient enough to translate it for you...

          2. re: Peech

            I will also be visiting HK in January, and I would love to get a copy as well. Thanks!

          3. re: K K

            For those that can't read Chinese, that last place is Mido Cafe, 63 Temple St. It's the classic cha chan teng. Go upstairs and try to snag one of the uncomfortable window booths overlooking the temple. The food is not memorable - I usually stick with lai cha and toast - but the atmosphere certainly is.

          4. None of the replies are giving you anything that's in Mongkok. Why? Because none of them knows. Blame it to the sorry state of ignorance people on all thing that's out of the Hong Kong island; blame it on sad fact that Mongkok is not on their comfort zone. Tsui Wah pops up here because they have English menu -- yet, I have to ponder -- do you want to rub your shoulder with visitors who can only read English menu or do you want try out some local colors?

            Dont' get me wrong, Tsui Wah is damn good by all standard. Good service, good food and good in that you can eat there without worrying any scandalous hygiene issues. But then again, why we need cha chann teng in the first place? Why not stick with the hotels or the chains is that's all your concerns?

            1. Kam Wah Cafe
            47 Bute Street, Mongkok
            Tel: 23926830
            (for the one of best pineapple buns in town; the egg tart is also top notch)

            2. Lan Ting Cafe
            110 Fu Yuen Street, Mongkok
            Tel: 23947193
            (once again, top notch pineapple buns & pies; remember to sneak up to the penthouse for a dash of unbeatable tranquility in the briskest place of Hong Kong)

            3. Hung Wan Cafe
            726 Shanghai Street, Mongkok
            Tel: 2392 6038
            (again, play a spy and go upstairs. try their tea sets. Baked buns w/ pork chop or satay beef are all good)

            4. China Cafe
            1081 Canton Road, Mongkok
            Tel: 2392 7825
            (one of my favs. this place was featured in a lot of local films about triad, you knows, bad guys cutting deals in stealth. The old-fashioned tilt, the fans on the ceilings; try their fried rice flair and spongy cake. Don't forget to order the sweet soup made with custard and raw egg)

            Yes, none of these places gonna show you a English menu. But so what? Since when was good place rated by the availability of an English menu?!

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            1. re: chaxiubao

              Josh - good recs for a great neighborhood.

              I think a lot of people who are looking for info on this board are visitors who don't speak or read Chinese. So instead of making fun of them, maybe you could help a little bit and type your recs in Chinese so those of us who are interested could print them out and take them along to show the servers and actually try the dishes you mention.

              Isn't that the idea?