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Aug 18, 2008 06:28 PM

O'Charley's vs. Longhorn Steakhouse?

I'm going out to dinner later this week for ribs and the two choices in the area are O'Charley's and Longhorn Steakhouse (in Raleigh, NC). I've never eaten at either. Can anyone suggest which might be better? Please note that this is for ribs and not for burgers or steaks, but any input will be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I just realized there's a Chili's in the area as well, so they can be thrown into the mix if the ribs at the above choices are just abominable.

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  1. I've never tried the ribs at Longhorn, but if it's between O'Charley's and Chili's I'd pick Chili's. Hand's down.

    1. I don't hate O'Charley's, but I do hate their ribs.

      1. I haven't had ribs at any of these places but for overall quality and atmosphere I'd go with Longhorn Steakhouse first and then O'Charley's. Chili's would be a distant third

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          1. Longhorn. Their protein is delivered and cut fresh every day not frozen half cooked crap that is reheated.

            Get the firecracker chicken wraps and a sweet potato with extra cinnamon butter!!!!