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Aug 18, 2008 05:38 PM

Wade Moises Pasta Bar (Phoenix)

I was recently told that Wade Moises (of Sassi N. Scottsdale) is supposed to be opening up a late-nite pasta bar in downtown around the end of the month. I was just wondering if anyone had any more info. Is still the target date? Or just any misc. info. would be cool, THANKS!

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    1. There was some chatter on Yelp for about a week after the above blog post appeared, and Moises into the discussion. He described his vision for the restaurant, but didn't really offer a firm timeline for opening--probably a wise move on his part, given all the surprises that surely must come up.

      ps. The thread was pulled from Yelp (person who started it was booted from the site), but Google still has it cached.

      1. Web site for the forthcoming restaurant. It predicts an early September opening:

        1. I just called the number listed on the site. The man who answered (maybe it was Wade?) said that, at this point, they anticipate a late October/early November opening.

          1. JWchef,

            Chef Nick Gentry here. I the other Chef in this endeavor. Sorry I didn't notice your post earlier. We have ran into a few delays, city, etc. We are looking like construction will run into late November and opening early December (all depending on the city). You can never anticipate how these things will go. We are trying to keep everyone updated. We tried not to let it get out so early, but what are you going to do with Wade having the notority he does. Keep an eye on our web site and we will announce on all the blogs.

            Again sorry for not seeing the post.

            Chef Nick