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Aug 18, 2008 05:30 PM


I have to make a comment about Tunduree. It is deff. The magic of the indian grill. I go by there every day on my way home. The aromas from the food got the better of me one day and I pulled in. I got butter chicken with rice and a mango lassy for desert. It was soooo good!!! I was right back there the very next day. I got a chicken wrap (no onions) and some potato/pea samosas. The food is great! it fills you up for under $7.00! At the end of your meal there is no guilt. Come to find out indian food is very healthy. I wish I had gone there months ago. You got to check it out. If you don't want to get out of ur bed THEY DELIVER!!

site has location and phone number. The one I go to is on S. Macdill and they are opening more soon. Very soon I hope! Happy eating!

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  1. Tun - du - ree is fantastic! I love their chana masala!

    1. I agree that Tunduree is awesome, but I'm bummed they closed their location at Henderson and Neptune--it's catering only now. The truck they park at Interbay and MacDill is inconvenient for me and lousy in bad weather (and not open on weekends), so I do hope they open another storefront soon.

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        I thought the truck was open on Saturdays. has that changed?

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          It's closed??? I didn't like the outdoor location and the storefront - while tiny - was much more convenient. What a shame!

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            I have pretty good word that another south Tampa location is in the works. I'll post something with the location info when it happens.