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Aug 18, 2008 05:19 PM

Tadich Grill, the best lunch ever!

Taking the day off of work with a quick BART ride to SF was the best summer mini-vacation ever! We had a fabulous lunch at Tadich Grill and then went shopping. Bloody marys were easy to drink at the bar, with the friendliest service ever, really set the mood!

After only a short wait of 10 minutes, we were seated and I ordered the crab legs saute and my husband, the crab louie and red chowder. We had a French waiter named Noel, who was outstanding -- evidently, he just started working there and he was extra polite, charming and helpful. He was a delight!

I actually watched my crab legs transfer from the the saute pan to the plate and to my table within 10 seconds (I was at the last table in the back; closest to the kitchen). I'm a real believer that perfect temperature always makes food taste best, and I so appreciate food being delivered that way. It's one of my main gripes with so many restaurants; food not served hot enough.

I highly recommend Tadich Grill for locals, and for summer tourists. I saw an unusually large amount of European tourists today in SF, and I really hope that they will get a chance to sample this SF gem on their vacation.

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  1. I too recently had a lovely lunch at Tadich. I was alone and easily got a seat at the bar. I ordered a cioppino and a glass of chardonnay. Service was perfectly fine. Cioppino was delicious and with the garlic bread that comes with it, more than I could finish. The chardonnary was delightful. All in all, a good start to a day of shopping and spa!

    1. Just to expand your horizons a bit, next time try the sand dabs at Sam's.

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        Yes, I was going to suggest that anyone who likes Tadich will also like Sam's.

      2. Huge fan of Tadich Grill and its on my hit list for lunch again in a couple of weeks..can't wait!

        1. Mmmm...I have got to get back for another mesquite grilled halibut steak...mmm...and that tarter sauce...

          1. Thanks. I think that's the first mention I've seen of the crab leg sautee.

            There was a mention in Michael Bauer's blog that Drew Nieporent, of the recently closed Rubicon, his Tribeca Grill in NY was inspired by Stars and Tadich Grill.

            Tadich Grill
            240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111