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Aug 18, 2008 04:45 PM

Plan my weekend in Vegas

We're going to Las Vegas for a Labor Day getaway. We like all kinds of food, particularly ethnic food and things off the beaten track. We were in Vegas a couple of years ago and stayed at the Bellagio. Had a great meal at Olives but boy o boy was it expensive! This time we will be staying at the MGM Signature for two nights. We arrive Saturday morning, see Cirque du Soleil "Love", 7pm show that night. We leave Monday afternoon. Otherwise our time is free and we just want to relax, sit by the pool, gamble a LITTLE, and enjoy some good food. We heard there's a fantastic Thai restaurant. Please send any/all recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a pair of 40something guys who just got married and want to eat some good food without breaking the bank. THANKS!

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  1. Lotus of Siam is the Thai place you mentioned. A simple search will turn up much info on this gem.

    I like Tableau and Verrandah for breakfast. Bouchon is also worthy. Try the short rib and eggs at Tableau. It's amazing!

    Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay) makes for a great lunch. Probably not any less expensive than Olives though.

    Enoteca San Marco is also a terrific lunch (or dinner) venue. If you like Italian wines then this is your spot.

    Soon someone will suggest that you spring for a $50 cab or rent a car to tromp across town to Rosemary's which is a "local" favorite. While Rosemary's has good food and good service, you have a ton of choices within walking distance of Signature. Don't fall for it.

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      I will refrain from recommending Rosemary's just to prove climberdoc wrong.


    2. Since you're staying at the MGM, you might want to check out the summer prixe fix specials at their restaurants:

      1. go with the verandah at the four seasons--it is an awsome breakfast-- sit outside

        1. Thanks, all. We ended up at Lotus of Siam twice. Enjoyed it more the second time - the first time we let the proprietress order for us and she picked $70 worth of food (for two people) that we didn't love. The second time we decided to try some old standbys and really enjoyed it. Also went to Enoteca San Marco - excellent choice! I'm wary of celebrity chefs but the food and the ambiance were great, and the prices were reasonable. Great location after having seen Cirque du Soleil's Love across the street.

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            The same thing happened to me my first time at LOS. We deferred to the server's "expertise" and were sorely disappointed. Four dishes, all deepfried, none of them anywhere close to memorable. Went back a year later after reading all the accolades on this site and ordering the dishes that were recommended by Chowhounds. Fantastic meal! Interestingly, the server during that second meal again tried to recommend dishes he thought we'd like. We were not having any of it.
            Enoteca has become a real go-to for us. We've dined there on our last 4 Vegas trips and it's come through each time. I'm not sure why so many are weary of celeb chefs. From my experience in Vegas, they seem to come through more than they flop. Examples I can think of are Alex, Guy Savoy, Mesa Grill, CUT, Craftsteak, B&B (controversial), Bouchon, Daniel Bouloud, and countless others. I've heard Mix is a flop, but I have not been there as of yet.

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              I think I'm just suspicious of hype ... and the prices that hype enable. Celebrity establishments tend to charge celebrity prices. But I thought Enoteca's prices really weren't too bad. We had the squash blossoms, a small carne plate, the buccatini all'amtriciana, and the veal and ricotta meatballs, by the way. All were excellent.