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Aug 18, 2008 04:16 PM

Looking for some Chow Advice in Missouri!!!

I'm coming into town in October for a wedding. We will be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott Kansas City - Blue Springs. I'd like to arrange a 20 person (plus or minus a few) dinner for my family the night before the wedding. I've been to Kansas City a few times and understand that there are some nice spots, but unfortunately I think it may be too far of a drive (Grandma's driving is a bit scary these days). Please let me know if you disagree. I've been doing some general research in CHOW but have not found much. In Zagat I was able to find and was considering....

- Carrabba's
- Garozzo's
- Siki Japanese
- Hareford House

My family is pretty easy going but I'd like to take them somewhere other than a chain restaurant that is fun and also has a full bar (we have not all seen one another in awhile). I'm open to all sorts of cuisines.

Would also love to hear of any bar recommendations you have nearby the hotel so I can take a few "breaks" during the wedding and afterwards...

Thank you very much in advance! I look forward to reading what your town has to offer!

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  1. I know absolutely nothing about Blue Springs, but hopefully by bumping this up, someone will be able to help you. However, I think Carrabba's is, in my opinion, (a.) terrible and (b.) a chain, so you might want to knock that one off the list based on the chain aspect.

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      Unfortunately, in Blue Springs you are very limited in non-chain choices. Of the choices you list, I would go for Garozzo's. Its local, red-sauce Italian that is generally very good. Huge portions. They are known for their chicken spiedini, which is a breaded, grilled chicken on a stick dish (its better than that description sounds). One caveat - I have eaten at the original location downtown many times, but have never eaten at the Blue Springs location - but I hear all of their locations are generally good.

      Carrabbas is a not-good chain. Hereford House is a local steak-house chain, but in my opinion the food is no better than Outback. Don't know anything about Siki Japanese.

      1. re: tarein

        Thank you both very much. I'm not totally dead set on Blue Springs, and don;t mid traveling out a bit if you have a better recommendation - I just dont want to have to travel all the way over to Kanses City as I think it might be too far (right?)? If you have suggestion in any bordering towns -please let me know.
        Thanks again!

    2. Kansas City is only a 15 minute drive on I-70 from where you are staying. The extra effort would be worth it. Its late as I am typing this so I will add some recommendations tomorrow.

      1. Back in the day, the Golden Ox offered rooms for private parties. Now, this was a long time ago and I understand they closed for some time and then re-opened (the original Genesse location). I don't know if they still offer the private rooms but you might want to give them a call. Perhaps some KC hounds can bring me up to date (been in Detroit way too long!)

        1. I highly recommend V's Ristorante on 40 Hwy. not far from the sports complex. Great atmosphere and wonderful bar. If you call ahead I'm sure they could put you in a private room. DS's wrestling team had their season ending banquet there. We were in a private room. The menu will please anyone, not just all Italian choices. Prime rib is DH's favorite when we go.

          1. first place that comes to mind, local must eat, Jack Stack, very classy place for a party..

            allow me to direct you to for other local non chain favs in KC. good luck!