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Aug 18, 2008 04:03 PM

Wafers they serve in some ice cream shops

When I as young, and lived in Syracuse, Indiana, there was an old fashioned ice cream shop where they always served wafers with their sundaes. The wafers were fan-shaped, and very thin. Golden brown outside, crispy, with a creamy white (VERY THIN) layer of something sweet in the middle. I have a memory of them being vanilla flavoured.

I recently saw what looked like some of them being served with ice cream in the Brain Freeze episode of Diners Driveins and Dives at the place in New Orleans they featured. The Creole Creamery it was called. They were serving what looked like thsoe wafers with their desserts. I'd LOVE to get my hands on some, or learn how to make them myself.

Anyone know what they might be called, or how I could find a recipe for them?

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  1. They are called gaufrettes. I'm sure you can google the receipe. They are sold at most gourmet markets and because they are so delicate are sold in a tin.

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      Looked at some images, the one I am thinking of have no patterns on them, they're smooth, and the photos I'm looking at look thicker than the wafers I saw in the show just now. Hmmmm... doing more research.

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        The wafers on the ice cream sculpture in the middle link -might- be them, but I can't tell how thick they are. I'm gona see if I can do a screen capture from the episode that shows what I mean. :)

      2. I went on a hunt for these a couple of years ago - and posted here as well....but to no avail. I have not seen them recently in any travels. There were a couple of places that sell them on line - but even once contacted could not actually I had to give up! Hope you have better luck and let us know if you do!!!

        1. I believe they are called oblaten. The formal name is the Original Carlsbad Oblaten and the company's website is I've seen them very occasionally in gourmet shops but when I wrote the company to find out where I could find them in the Boston, MA, area, the answer was that they are sometimes available at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I have on very rare occasions found them there before.

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            Oh this looks like the right thing, very very thin! I'll poke around more for sources, thanks!

          2. I used to buy them at the grpcery store. They were made by a French company called St.Michel, but I have not seen them in years. I should go look for them again, as I really loved them - perhaps send you a care package ? :)