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orange cauliflower: have you tried it?

i saw some orange colored cauliflower at my local grocery. i wondered if it just looks different, or has a neat new flavor? http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/equivale...

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  1. It tastes the same, as does purple cauliflower. If you buy some, make sure you roast it rather than boiling or steaming it - I find that water makes the color seep out.

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      thanks katecm, but i'm sorry that it does not have any different flavor!

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        The purple stuff is the same way, but it sure looks pretty on the plate.

        Are you familiar with romanesco? It's more like a cauliflower/broccoli hybrid. It does have a slightly different flavor, and is just gorgeous, to boot.

    2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4293... Hope this helps. I had the same question last year and heard from many people who all had pretty much the same experience "looks different, tastes the same".

      1. If there's a taste difference, I've never been able to detect it. Good for making pretty salads, though. I might try pickling some -- with most vegetables, the color usually transfers to the brine.

        1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4293...

          I had the identical question last year and have included the posts for you. Consensus: tastes like white cauliflower, looks prettier on the plate, may or may not contain more nutrients.

          1. I have received some in our CSA bags. Honestly, it did seem to have a little different (in a good way) flavor, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I guess that it tastes "fresher" maybe "greener" (orange though it is). It isn't strong, just tastes really good; I suspect that is a function of it being only a day old rather than the color so I'm not sure that the grocery store cauli. will taste any different than white.

            1. i did a search for orange cauliflower before i posted. i guess the search feature is something i haven't quite "gotten" right.

              1. I like using orange cauliflower to make cauliflower "mashed potatoes." It's beautiful and tastes wonderful. I steam it -- and steam it well so that it's soft -- then drain it thoroughly so it's not watery and put it in the food processor with all that good stuff that goes into mashed potatoes: butter, milk/cream, roasted garlic or shallots, s & p. Every bit as good as mashed potatoes.

                1. I agree that it tastes basically the same, no matter what color. Of course, I've never done a side-by-side comparison. And the purple is awesome in salads!

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                    I love roasting the purple in little florets and then eating it as a snack.

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                      chicgail, i agree that roasted cauliflower florets (small) are awesome to eat as a snack. i just roast with olive oil and salt.

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                        chicgail and alkapal, do you roast it, then store it for snacking later? If so, how do you store it, and how long does it keep?

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                          well, i eat a lot of it immediately and just at room temp within a few hours of roasting (left on a plate in the kitchen). it is addictive! i guess it would keep a couple days in the fridge....loosely packed in tupperware.

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                            Ditto what alkapal said.

                            I also like to "over-roast" it so that it's a little crispy. Actually, if it's not crispy, it's just cooked cauliflower. It's the crisp that pushes it over the edge into snack category.

                            Most of it disappears the night we make it, but while some has made it into the fridge, it never lasts past day two.

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                              agree, chicgail, it has to get a little oven char! it does not last; it is so good!

                    2. It tastes pretty much the same but looks great and is supposed to have more beta-carotene in it. I like to serve it raw on a crudite platter.

                      The purple cauliflower, otoh, while it still tastes the same, does this marvelous trick when dressed with a vinegar based dressing so parts of it turn bright magenta pink! Dress shortly before serving for best effect.

                      1. I bought a few heads this fall, and found it tasted "more" like cauliflower. But then, it could simply be attributable to the fact that it was really fresh and organic. lol.