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Aug 18, 2008 03:31 PM

Cyrus dinner -tasting menu or regular menu

going to Cyrus for dinner Labor Day. (On the waiting list for TFL)

should we do the chef's tasting menu or go off the regular menu?


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  1. I thought the tasting menu was fantastic - I actually like Cyrus way more than TFL. Keep the res and take yourself off the TFL wait list.

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    1. re: daveena

      I disagree 100% with daveena. We ate at Cyrus 3 weeks ago and were completely underwhelmed by the tasting menu. One of the fish courses completely lacked seasoning and the next fish entree, dover sole, was the toughest piece of dover sole I've ever had. Both desserts were just mediocre - I can't even remember what they were! In contrast, we ate at the French Laundry 3 years ago, and maybe things have changed, but I still remember every single course we had to this day. It was that special. I suggest that if your FL reservations come through, definitely keep them, but if not, I'd try ordering what sounds good to you from the regular menu. I will mention that the pasta, waygu beef course and the duck course were very good, so if I were to order from the regular menu, I'd steer that way.

      1. re: tlubow

        Really?? Tough Dover sole? Since it has the texture of Jello, can you find out how they make it tough? I've always eschewed Dover sole because it is so mushy. Maybe they are slipping in Patagonian flounder.

      2. re: daveena

        Me too! I really loved everything at Cyrus.

        Coco Puff, I was originally going to do a la carte (because I was so stuffed from eating at French Laundry and Redd the day before). But once they told me what was on the tasting menu, I couldn't refuse. Everything was wonderful. So you may perhaps just want to wait and see what's on the tasting menu before you decide.

      3. My advice (with which I've seen agreement in past CH posts): go with the regular menu and skew ordering towards Asian-influenced dishes.