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Aug 18, 2008 03:29 PM

No More Good Bakeries? (Balto. version)

There was a topic for the D.C. group concerning there weren't anymore good bakeries. Thought we Baltimoreans could develop our own "conversation" regarding this topic.

No longer do we have Silber's Bakery. Arbutus used to have a cute little bakery. There is Stone Mill Bakery, which seems to have decent bread. I'm not a big fan of Panera, but they do bake bread and other items.

What about Patisserie Poupon? I haven't been there in quite some time, but there offerings were excellent.

Good "ole" Vaccarro's in Little Italy?

Some Chowhounds have mentioned Woodlea Bakery and another in Hamilton(?).

Comments/Thoughts? FoiGras

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  1. Favorite, favorite, favorite bakery is Hoehn's on Conkling Street in Highlandtown. They have the best marshmallow doughnuts. It's very old school and super fresh. They still wrap that red and white twine around the boxes. They have a large selection of doughnuts and some cakes (really good peach cake).

    If I lived any closer, I'd be in serious trouble! I live in Hamilton and work in Woodlawn and have driven to Highlandtown to pick up doughnuts to take to work...had to leave for work like an hour earlier than usual! But it was totally worth it.

    They aren't open on Sundays...which I think is strange since Sunday is doughnut day...

    My go-to cake place is Sugarbaker's in Catonsville. When The Parkside opens on Harford Road, they are supposed to have a bakery. Can't wait to see how that turns out....

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      I can't believe you live in Hamilton and don't mention Fenwick. Great peach cake and marshmallow donuts are right in your neighborhood. In December they have phenomenal fruit cake.

      1. re: ko1

        I stopped in there once and was waited on by an extremely rude woman. Her attitude and the lackluster cake (a coconut cake...I believe) I purchased make it unlikely that I will return....

        1. re: ronandaim

          I would urge you to give them another chance. I have always found them friendly. I've not tried the coconut cake, though.

      2. re: ronandaim

        New Systems Bakery in Hampden on 33rd and Chestnut has the best chocolate vanilla fudge cake and it's really cheap. A 12 inch round costs like $20. They have amazing homemade pastries and bread as well. I love going there because it's totally local and they call you Hon.

      3. Piedgrotta and Bonaparte's are both good and both still around as well.

        1. Sugar Bakers on Frederick Rd. in Catonsville is my fave. It's adorable from the outside and everyone who works there is so nice and accomodating. The bakery's web site focuses on wedding cakes, but they offer a lot more so I'm not sure why that's its internet focus. E. Large included Catonsville Gourmet's Smith Island Cake which is made by Sugar Bakers as one of the Top Ten Restaurant Chocolate Desserts.

          1. You probably aren't going to get very many replies to this because, honestly, Baltimore has a ton of good bakeries. Some are new and innovative, and some are old school with a long tradition. Baltimore just doesn't seem to have the same sort of problem that is plaguing DC, thankfully.

            1. The one in Hamilton (it might be a couple blocks north of true Hamilton, since it's on the other side of Northern Pkwy and neighborhood names change fast in Balto) is Fenwick Bakery. It's right across Harford Rd from Mastellone's.

              Fenwick is known for marshmellow donuts (you have to call and reserve some or risk not getting any), peach cake (seasonal), and smearkase (old-time cheesecake made with cottage cheese).