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Aug 18, 2008 03:17 PM

Korean Chicken Wings

On Saturday a friend and I went searching Federal Way for the famed Korean chicken wings that I'd read about in the Philadelphia Inquirer (and sampled when back visiting my folks--they are astonishing):

We went to Hanmaum and Cockatoo and at both locations the chicken wings were a whisper of what the wings were like in Philly. While the Philly wings were enormous, fried twice for that smooth crispy exterior and the shockingly moist meat, and gently brushed with spicy and sweet glaze, the wings in Federal way were puny by comparison, at Cockatoo they told us they were not fried twice, and in the case of the spicy wings at both places, they were dripping in gallons of artificial sauce that drowned out the chicken flavor. Very disappointing.

Does anyone know of a place in the greater Puget Sound that makes Korean style chicken wings that aren't imitations of the real thing?

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  1. Nancy Leson has an entry on her blog today on Korean fried chicken.

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      Also check out this post, and the included link to an earlier Tacoma News Tribune post.

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        Ahhhh yes. I go to Paldo World at least twice a month, and I have lunch there whenever I do. I've walked by the Chicky Pub for the past several months, not realizing what Korean Fried Chicken was all about.
        I am just discovering the excitement of Korean food. After reading Nancy Leson's article, I tried the Chicky Pub chicken. I am a convert. Even if it is quite a bit more expensive than the grocery store chicken, I will drive there whenever I am in the mood for some fried chicken. YUM!

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          what is Korean Fried chicken about? Does is have a flour-based crust? is it deep-fried? Is it just the wings that they serve this way? What's the basic flavor... Is there a dipping sauce? THANKS!