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Aug 18, 2008 03:07 PM

Unknown Russian sweet?

Can someone tell me what I just bought? It's some sort of beige sweet, a solid crust on the outside and creamy inside. Ingredients include: sugar, syrup, apple puree, egg white, agar-agar? I think the thing is called a 3E (db stuck together)(reverse N) P... can someone tell me how we pronounce that?

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  1. Zefir (зефир) is a generic term for a variety of Russian very soft flavoured marshmallow sweets. I think this is what you have?

    If you enjoy zefir, another popular marshmallow treat is called "Bird's Milk" (Ptichye moloko - spelling?) - squares of vanilla or burnt sugar marshmallows coated in chocolate.

    Many Russian bakeries make a "bird's milk cake" which is layers of marshmallow and cake with chocolate icing or coating. Extremely sweet (a confection on the scale of "use enough gun") - but it is the madeleine of my husband's Baku relatives, whose satisfaction is sharpened by reminding each other how much pull you used to have to get this cake from a bakery back during the bad old years.