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Aug 18, 2008 02:41 PM

East Ocean (55th street), what's there now?

I recently read on some site that the East Ocean Resturaunt, 159 E 55th St
(not the one in Chinatown) had closed. Does anybody live near there, and if so you know what has come in there. 55th street is about a ten block deviation for my typical route, and I really don't want to walk the whole way there and back just to find out that there an empty space. On the other hand if a new Chinese resutant has come in in its place (and, within Manhattan one chinese resturaunt simply taking over the space of a defucnt one is a far from unusual ocurrence) then I would feel it might be worth the trip to try the new place out. so to anyone on this board who lives around there have you noticed what is there now?

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    1. If you don't often eat in the neighborhood, there is a Shanghainese restaurant that has recently gotten good reviews which might be worth a visit. I always preferred it to East Ocean, whose only real draw were its low prices.

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        I actually did visit there and preferred east ocean to it; on the dishes I liked (like salt and pepper squid) East ocean tended to produce a tastier (and certainly cheaper) product.

        1. re: jumpingmonk

          Is 60th & Lexington further out of your way? Kar Won is pretty good for cheap "Chinatown-style" food, especially noodle soups & roast meats.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            Once again, been there, was not impressed. In fact (not that I don't aprreciate everyone's effort in recommentding new places) If it didn't open it's doors within the last year or so, I've proably been there, as I once made a point of doing weekly food quest to try every Chinese resturaunt in Mahnattan and I for all intents and purposes did within the area I set (from 7th ave to York Ave and from 95th street to 1st street, plus the villages, Chinatown/Little Italy and The Lower East side, basically every where except the Upper west Side, Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, Harlem and the Financial District)

      2. Wow! Blast from the past, remember many a late nights making a run there for food when I was in the area. Always a bit too oily and salty for my tastes, but pretty dependable and cheap. Hard to imagine that they're closed now.

        1. The space is now occupied by an Indian restaurant.