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Best bread knife?

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Hello -

I want to buy a great bread knife. Who makes the best?


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  1. There's no need to shell out that much for a bread knife. They can't be sharpened, so you use them until they get dull. I have two, a $5 bread knife bought years ago at Target, and a nice one purchased at Poilane in Paris. As long as it's serrated, and the blade is set well in the handle, you're good to go.

    1. I have several bread knives, and my fave is the Wustof Grand Prix II Deli knife. It looks funny, but I can slice anything w/o hitting my knuckles on my cutting board. It's got a great edge and sharp tip.

      1. I recommend without reservation the Wusthoff Crustbuster! It's the best knife I ever used--it's sharp as a razor, and has a neat curve like a scimitar that allows you to slice through a loaf of crusty bread easily. The price is around 80-100 and worth every penny.

        1. Cook's Illustrated recommends the forschner or the wusthof, when I've worked in food service the forschners were the standard and I highly recommend them.
          Make sure to get a 10 inch model regardless of what brand you pick, as an 8 inch will have difficulty cutting larger loaves.

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            I agree completely. Forschner is the standard of the food service industry.
            This knife is available with either a black Fibrox or rosewood handle in 10" length.

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              Third the Forschner. I used my roommates' for two years and had to go out and buy my own when we parted ways.

          2. i wouldn't invest nearly as much in a bread knife as i would in, say, a good chef's knife. You can get a good one made by a good manufacturer like Henckels or Wusthof for less than $50. And yes, they can be sharpened