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Aug 18, 2008 02:03 PM

Sydney, NS, Cake decorators edible photo frosting

I will be visiting Cape Breton and want to have a cake made with edible photo frosting, I want to surprise some of my girlfriends with a photo that I had taken a few years ago. I tried to do a google search but can't find anything. Thank You

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  1. HI, I can't remember if Sobey's or Superstore do these cakes but it would be the first place I'd check.
    Kings Road & Highway 125
    (902) 539-7657

    Sobeys Sydney River Store
    45 Keltic Drive
    Cape Breton Shopping Plaza, Sydney River, NS
    Tel: (902) 562-5110

    I would also check out this site.
    This is the bakery at Joe's warehouse and she makes specialty cakes. It is not inexpensive but we had her make a cake for a family reunion (lemon with lemon curd) and it was lovely. We didn't have a photo on it but gave her a photo of the house which she reproduced in icing.

    Hope this helps.

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      As a matter of fact I emailed Sobeys this evening, I forgot about them, I know my IGA Store in Quebec, doesn't have the machine. Also thank you for the site I will take a look.