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Freezing scrambled eggs?

Hey chow.

I want to make and freeze some breakfast burritos so that those early school mornings are a little easier.

When freezing scrambled eggs that are going to be reheated, how far should I cook them? Should I add anything? Not add anything?


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  1. Why chance it?? You can scramble an egg, fresh and hot, in a couple of minutes. I fail to see the time saving particularly versus the taste and texture deterioration.

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      Since callmijane asked, I'd assume there's a good reason, such as a preteen or teen kid who leaves for the bus at 6:30 or 7 am while mom and dad are busy showering/working out/already gone-- any number of reasons why make ahead is preferable-- (as said by one who has two preteen/teen kids myself)

      My advice would be to just give it a try "as is" nothing special. I think in a burrito the freezing probably wouldn't be too bad.

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        I would try to make them the night before and give them a quick nuke in the morning. I doggie bagged half of a huge egg brunch to the office and it was delicious after a minute in the microwave.

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        I am curious as to some of the deeper motivations behind the original question because I have the same question. I think it's a very reasonable question if you are not a morning person and are barely functioning when you stumble out the door. I am one such person and would love to be able to grab two frozen meals and zombie-march to work.

      3. Thawing frozen scrambled egg burritos would take time and technique. Breakfast burritos using a MW would be faster and less mess. Get out the tortillas and heat in dry pan; crack egg in bowl, lightly whip and nuke until it rises like a wild souffle; assemble with your addiitons. The egg can be waved with cheese and anything else added.

        1. i'd undercook them so yellow sections of the scrambled eggs are soft, and white sections are still a little slippery translucent (but well incorporated into the scrambled yolks). assemble burrito, wrap well in heavy duty saran wrap. freeze. then....ZAP for 30 seconds on high. that should do it! timing may vary....

          i don't thing you need to change anything else, but you may need to experiment a little with salt levels....

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              If alkapal's suggestion doesn't work, I have a thought. Have not tried this for frozen eggs but...
              When making a large amoung of scrambled eggs that had to be held over a warming tray we used to add a bit of white sauce to the egg mixture before cooking it.That seems to make the eggs more stable and a little silky. I am thinking that this might help with your project.
              And yes, I have watched my daughter, a single mother, try to get herself and three kids off to school, daycare, and work; I understand not one more minute of time. Congratulations on trying to get them a good breakfast in spite of the obstacles.

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                old gal, i think your idea is brilliant!!!! it will help keep the eggs smooth and soft, imo.

                maybe it could even have some shredded cheese melted in -- since it is a breakfast burrito, after all. maybe just make the omelet with the white sauce, cheese, (cooked sausage crumbles?), chiles and pico de gallo together, then roll that up in the tortilla to freeze.

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                  Well, I made the burritos before i got your suggestion, old gal. Tried one this morning- I put eggs, veggie sausage, cheese, potatoes and onions. I think the potatoes were a mistake, they turned out kind of grainy/mealy, but the eggs worked pretty well!

                  I'll make another round of them in a few weeks, and will try your method!

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                        Thank you. My daughter starts school next month. I have a repertoire of fully home-made but fast to re-heat foods for her. I'll be testing the scrambled egg burrito very soon. I think that I'll be using the few available purchased tortillas here in place of the ones I make (which we eat as I make them).

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                      If you want potatoes in the burrito, why not add frozen hash browns before rolling and freezing? In general, fresh potatoes don't freeze well, but hash browns seem to have been figured out.

            2. I loved reading this thread! Very funny.

              Yes, you can make and freeze them. I would scramble the egg without adding milk or water to them, but the burritos will freeze and thaw fine. Undercooking the egg a touch is a good idea too, as suggested. Cheese will help, and other veggies, just don't get too much moisture that will make a soggy burrito when reheated. Oven warming gently is best, if you have time, otherwise microwave wrapped in a paper towel to avoid drying out.

              Wouldn't it be nice if we all had the time to make every little thing from scratch? I've always wanted to grind my own flour too, but it ain't happened yet.

              1. a tip for zapping:

                i have a round mitt (but constructed of fabric and padding like an oven mitt -- and no metal). the mitt is great for heating bread, tortillas (or zapping a potato, for that matter.) the puffy fabric absorbs the moisture that is thrown off, and would normally make a zapped burrito, e.g., soggy at the place of plate contact -- even with a paper towel.

                i got mine at wall mart, but couldn't find another for a gift a few months ago. it is black with a red border, and flames depicted near the opening (it is like a semi-closed clamshell.) anyhoo, i think you can use a clean oven mitt for this purpose. it is really a good technique.

                1. For years (and I still do) I've made breakfast burritos, you can use scrambled eggs, and any other fillings your heart desires. I wrap them first in a paper (not waxed and it comes in a box from Smart & Final) then I wrap them very tightly, in foil, always pressing hard to seal the ends. They are perfect. My boys took two every day to eat on the way to school, and my husbands takes them now on his drive to work.
                  They are delcious. I always have them in my freezer, and when the kids are here or someone's hungry they know they can grab one. First remove the foil, then nuke it for about 60 secs.



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                    ooo and also with all due respect. Don't undercook the egg to a point where it might still be raw. I tend to soft scramble my eggs. Meaning, to make these at their best, cook them low and slow and with a rubber spatutla turn the curds over. Then when they are just about set, I take them off, and turn them onto themselves letting the residual heat cook it. They will be beautiful and not rubbery and not a speck of brown on them. Six eggs=4 burritos

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                      cc, don't you think my description above would be fully cooked after zapping? i wouldn't want it uncooked either! btw, your photo was beautiful! it looked sooooo fresh!

                      1. re: alkapal

                        Are you talking about the " slippery translucent...etc." alkapal my darling you lost me!!! .
                        But maybe we mean the same things here, I do a soft scramble, very slow low heat, the eggs are creamy, but there isn't anything translucent. The 60 seconds takes the burrito from frozen to hot, so I'm really not sure if its cooking anything. And everyone's microwave works differently, and people like their eggs differently, so the op just needs to try it, and see which way they prefer. I just wanted to say Yes to the fact that the way I cook them works for me.
                        And Thanks for the nice compliment! I actually live on these darn things, there like comfort food around here! A breakfast burrito and a bottle of sriracha - YAHOO! These are actually photographed with pico pica, but I have a new love...

                        This is my soft scrambled eggs, and what I mean by soft small curds.


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                          i meant for the eggs to be cooked in the final, heated product. any raw-ish egg white is, um, well, "really disruptive" to my alimentary track!

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                        Thanks, I love your description. I am going to try this.

                        So here is my situation and what brought me to this post. My fiancee and I are trying to stay health and loose some weight before the wedding. We both do well with low-carb diets and have been doing the paleo thing (which is working for us very well). However, we are also very low functioning morning people and we are not hungry until 9 AM , but are heading out the door at 7:30 AM. One thing I have done in the past is keep a large quantity of frozen meals ready to go. But I never did eggs before, but I am not eager to return to "lunch for breakfast" model I followed for two years.

                        So...I am thought of egg bowls (the gluten in the flour tortillas won't fly and the corn ones are still carb dense and brittle). So egg bowls in containers that are easy to clean and microwave safe have entered the planning.

                        On the point of "white sauce" I have added coconut milk (no soy in paleo) to eggs before and it gives them a rich and lovely texture and so I think that your technique of folding them will make some lovely egg bowls.

                        The idea is to cook a bunch of organic sausage (I love me some smoked apple wood sausage)and set aside then good the eggs. I am planning to do this in a hotel pan across two burners so I can cook en mass to safe time and daily cleaning later.

                        Thoughts or suggestions on my little adventure?

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                          i eat primal and my breakfast/lunch on the go is an "egg-bake-thing".

                          butter a 9x13 casserole dish.

                          12 eggs
                          4 oz cheese
                          veggies of choice
                          cooked bits of meat
                          8 oz cream/coconut milk (optional)

                          the lazy way id simply to mix everything together and bake. if you whip the egg whites and fold into the yolks you get a very fluffy result.

                          in winter i use two bags of frozen veggies. in-season i sue whatever i got fresh.

                          it bakes well at low heat, like 300, for about an hour. less if you omit the cream.

                          cool and portion. i get 8 pieces out of this. it keeps a week in the fridge or you can wrap and freeze. it's good hot or room temp.

                          you can also bake this in muffin tins and if you like, use ham or par-coooked bacon as the "wrapper" within each hole.

                    2. I've been thinking of making some potatoe and egg burritos to take to work for breakfast. Since eggs and potatoes apparently don't freeze well, how about keeping them in the refrigerator for up to a week?

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                        The "up to a week" part is not a good idea for the eggs, and probably not potatoes. This isn't the answer you're looking for but Costco sells frozen breakfast pockets/sandwiches/quiches (different offerings at different times) that are very economical (generally cheaper than making your own) and not half bad. Better to let the pros do the freezing.

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                          Hmm, I personally find the "up to a week" to be just fine as long as your refrigerator is set correctly between 35 and 38 degrees F and as long as the eggs and potatoes are wrapped well and don't pick up flavors from the fridge. Friday's food may not be as good as Monday's but there is no safety issue unless your immune system is compromised.

                          Are the Costco breakfast offerings equal quality for that lesser price and without additives and fillers, lower sodium?

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                          This post is all about how eggs do freeze well. There is the example above of using frozen hash browns as well as here is a 5 star recipe for making your own french fries - http://www.food.com/recipe/frozen-fre....

                          So I'm not sure why you are saying eggs and potatoes don't freeze well - have you read this whole post?

                        3. I got this link from (I think) a related thread not too long ago. I haven't tried it myself, but someone else thinks it's possible.


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                            Thanks so much for sharing the link to my breakfast burritos. Yes! They work marvelously. I've made them with sausage, ham and with bacon. All are good. I just recently heard about the mitt someone mentioned above when I was talking to them about baked potatoes. Looking forward to trying that!