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Aug 18, 2008 01:47 PM

Dissapointed with Klein's

Went to Klein's for the obligatory end of summer meal with my father and husband on Saturday.
The portions were so, so, so, so small.
My father ordered the shrimp and scallop platter, and there were literally five small cocktail shrimp and five quarter shaped scallops. I ordered the grouper and fared slightly better, but in return for my big kid sized serving of grouper, I receive one (ONE) tablespoon of rice.
To add insult to injury, the server was horrendous. No greeting...I am assuming because we had some drinks with us from waiting at the bar...we sat alone for 15 minutes only to be greeted with (albeit pleasantly) "Ready to order?"
We ordered another round of drinks, my Corona Light with side of water...10 minutes later, the drinks arrive, my Corona all alone without a lime. When I asked for my water and a lime, they never appeared; I had to walk up to the bar and ask the tender for a lime.
To the tune of $121.00 for three people (one beer each might I add), I am really, truly, thoroughly annoyed. The food was competently prepared, but certainly not the level of service and quality that I am used to from Klein's. They weren't that busy - we only waited 15 minutes.

Just had to vent. Anyone else feel a little taken advantage of lately?

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  1. Have only been to Klein's once - and never will we darken their door again. Thought it was just plain awful. And this was about 4 years ago. But I have noticed very recently that portions are definitely shrinking to lilliputian proportions at some places. I've never been a big fan of the giant plates of food that many restaurants seem to believe is necessary to keep some customers happy, but the miniaturization we've experienced recently is not good. Clearly, some of these places are doing everything they can to avoid raising prices.

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      I couldn't agree more regarding the restaurant (and NO relation here!) ... it's just awful ... however, I will continue to brag about and frequent Klein's Seafood Market, adjacent to the restaurants ... they always have crazy-fresh seafood, especially since they service the restaurant at the same time, ensuring that product moves through quickly .... again, I hate the restaurant (how could the kitchen do such terrible things to such fine product?), but I rarely if ever buy fresh seafood from anyone else.

      1. re: aklein

        Klien's is a perfect example of my opinions on seafood at the Monmouth County shore. The quality of seafood is inversely proportional to it's proximity to the water. Whenever I go to a seafood place and the first dish listed is "Combo Platter" I know I'm not likely to be impressed.

        1. re: aklein

          I haven't eaten at Klein's in 6-12 months, but have recently heard some disappointing stories from friends. The atmosphere during the summer is great, especially dockside near the tiki bar, but the potential for smaller portions and lower quality fare is not appealing.

          The fish market is consistently good, so I'm surprised (to a degree) about the poor quality remarks (canned crab, etc) more so than the plate quantity remarks. My friend's husband is a commercial fisherman and according to him, Klein has first dibs on his catch, every time. It is also my understanding that they receive first pick from most other Belmar fishing boats.

          So, with regard to "quality...inversely proportional to proximity to the water" I can't really agree. Try finding a quality seafood place in Jackson, Howell, or Allentown, NJ for that matter.

          1. re: jlsmi2

            Never been to Kliens, but lets get real folks, 90% of crab meat is canned and coming from somewhere in southeast Asia. Do you really think we have the resources in Maryland to have enough crab meat to supply everyone for "Maryland Crab Cakes"?
            Its just like "San Marzano Tomatoes" there arent enough resources for every Italian restuarant to have these tomatoes. The town of San Marzano is only a few square miles, but every Italian has these tomatoes.

      2. I was just there on Monday for dinner and I would never go back. I got a pasta special with crab meat and the crab was clearly out of a can. I never expected that when the restaurant has an on-site market! I wish I had read your post earlier and saved myself the disappointment.

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        1. re: madgreek99

          I ate there on Saturday night (first time since July/August) and had a nice meal overall. They had "Crab Cake Sliders" as an appetizer and they were fantastic. Three tasty crab cakes on Hawaiian rolls w/ a nice (not overbearing) sauce and mixed greens. Superb.

          On the other hand my main dish, the Oyster Pan Roast was decent, but smaller than I remembered from past visits. The bread bowl seemed significantly smaller, thus less broth, and possibly fewer oysters. There were probably 8-10 oysters, which were adequate, but I would've preferred more for $18 (very simple soup essentially).

          They had a very nice Long Trail Pale Ale on tap, which was cold and complimented the meal nicely. I'd go again.

        2. I felt the same way, the seafood in the market is the best, but when you eat there you feel like the fish is from Shop Rite. There is no imagination in the preparation..

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          1. re: Barbarella

            Barb - Not that I don't doubt your criticism of the food, however I enjoy the most basic of preparations when it comes to fish. Give me a piece of grilled fresh fish along with a squeeze of lemon and I'm happy.

          2. Sorry about your bad meal. We live in Marlboro and have found a new place in Freehold that seems to be the anthesis of what you experienced at Klein's. We like the Park Avenue Seafood Bistro. It is in Freehold on Business 33 away from the craziness of Main Street. I forget what restaurant was there before, but we are so happy that we do not have to travel down to the shore for fresh seafood. We feel it is also a good alternative to the chains around the area. I think you'll find the service and portions better than Klein's, from what you have described above.