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Aug 18, 2008 01:46 PM

Wanted: Page, Arizona Recommendations, Please

Our favorite Mexican restaurant, Zapatas, is now an Italian restaurant and quite a disappointment to us.

Any recommendations for where to dine in Page while driving to and from Lake Powell?

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  1. There is absolutely nothing to my knowledge. Perhaps, though, the Chinese restaurant next to Bashas would be the best. If you are getting on a houseboat, I recommend you eat on board!

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    1. re: primebeefisgood

      We are fortunate in the fact that I dare say the food on our houseboat seems to be as good or better than any on the lake. It was always comforting, however, to have a great Mexican lunch entering or exiting Page at Zapatas.

      Fiesta Guadalajara (or Fiesta. Difficult to remember which is in which town)
      and Dam Bar and Grill are definitely palatable, but I just wondered if we were somehow missing a hidden gem.

      Cosmic Jester:
      The green chile chicken fried steak sounds intriguing. We will see if it is on the menu in Page.

    2. A number of folks like the Ranch House Grille here in PHX, which is a somehwat new offshoot of the family's original eatery of the same name in Page. I've not been to the latter, but am a fan of the simple, hearty fare of the former. It's known for big portion breakfasts, but the PHX location also has lunch items - so I assume the Page eatery does the same. It's not fancy or explorative cuisine - just solid diner-like fare. Big breakfast plates, country fried steak, burritos, burgers, etc.

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        The standout item on RHG's menu is the green chile chicken fried steak. It's phenomenal.